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Providing Kids With The Right Introduction To Dental Care

While you are (hopefully) familiar with the typical routine dental exam, you may have a hard time recalling what the dentist’s office was like for you when you were a young child. In many ways, pediatric dental care mirrors the kind of treatment experience adults enjoy. With that said, your Seattle, WA dentist will take extra steps to make sure your child enjoys the best possible care. Pediatric dental exams often include helpful lessons on the importance of oral hygiene. For younger children, extra care can be taken to make the dentist’s office a friendly place. That warm welcome is particularly important for children on their first visit, who have to adjust to a new environment.

Scheduling Your Child’s First Visit

On your child’s first visit, the goal will be about creating a welcoming environment, in addition to offering quality dental care. When they arrive for the first time, they can be greeted warmly, and gently introduced to their new environment. They can also be comfortable in our office, which is set up to be an inviting place for our young patients.

What To Expect From Subsequent Pediatric Dental Appointments

As children begin their regular exams, they receive more than just standard preventive support. While a child’s enamel can be as strong as an adult’s, they are particularly vulnerable to decay for a few reasons. Kids can be more vulnerable to trouble because they have a greater weakness for sugary products. They can also lack an understanding of how to practice good brushing and flossing habits, or why they need to take these actions seriously. During their visits, your dentist can guide them through these practices. They can also give them information on why they should maintain these practices on their own.

Are You Setting A Good Example When It Comes To Smile Care?

Have you been setting a good example for your child when it comes to practicing good oral health care? You can schedule your own dental appointments when you bring your child in, to make sure your teeth are healthy. You should also make sure your kids are keeping up with good brushing and flossing, particularly at the point when they first start practicing these habits themselves. Spending time brushing and flossing together can be fun moments between you and your child that double as lessons in good oral care. By modeling such good habits, you can wind up giving yourself extra protection for your smile, making the need for restorative dental work less likely!

Ballard Family Dentist Can Offer Quality Dental Care For Your Kids

Ballard Family Dentist is ready to take on your family’s oral care needs! You can rely on important preventive services for yourself, and count on expert pediatric care for your kids. To learn more, contact Ballard Family Dentist in Seattle, WA today by calling 206-789-2555.

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