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Unexpected Smile Problem? We Offer Emergency Dental Care!

It takes time for a cavity to form. Fortunately, that means you have opportunities to fight decay by keeping up with smart brushing and flossing, and seeing your Seattle, WA dentist’s office for routine dental care. Unfortunately, dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, and leave you scrambling for proper treatment. You can be happy to hear that, if you need it, you can count on our practice for emergency dental services. By arranging prompt treatment, you can make sure an issue is addressed with minimal delay, and before the problem has time to worsen.

Dental Injuries Can Do More Than Just Affect Your Smile

When you think about the effect a chipped or cracked tooth might have on your appearance, you can think of the situation as a cosmetic dental problem. This can still be an urgent issue – if you have an important event coming up, you can be less than thrilled at the prospect of showing up with an injured tooth. With that said, the injury could also affect your tooth structure, and hurt your ability to bite properly. It can also lead to internal issues that need to be addressed through restorative dental care.

What Is Your Dentist Prepared To Handle During A Dental Emergency?

Your dentist can help you deal with a tooth that is badly chipped or cracked, loosened, or even completely knocked loose! All of these situations can call for a prompt response, as the health of your tooth can worsen over time if nothing is done. Acting quickly to take care of a loosened or dislodged tooth can mean the difference between saving and replacing that tooth.

In some situations, a dental emergency can occur even if there was no injury. You may find yourself in a state of serious discomfort because of an aching tooth, even if you are not sure what has happened. This scenario could happen due to a worsening tooth infection, one that threatens the overall health of your tooth.

Your Smile Can Look Great After The Appropriate Dental Treatment

Modern dental care focuses on preserving your oral health, while still protecting the look of your smile. Modern restorations used in response to an emergency dental treatment can leave you with a smile that still appears natural, and attractive!

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Is Ready To Handle Your Dental Emergency!

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist can take care of your oral health issues, even when they occur as a result of a dental emergency. We are proud to make prompt care available when it is called for, while also serving effectively when you are seeking routine oral health services. If you have questions about emergency treatment, or if you want to know more about Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, you can reach out Seattle, WA dental office by calling 206-789-2555!

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