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We Can Restore A Tooth With A Full Or Partial Dental Crown

While dental fillings are often capable of providing the sort of lasting support a tooth needs after a cavity, some smile problems can call for something more reliable. Your Seattle, WA dentist’s office uses partial and full dental crowns to take care of teeth that are affected by larger cavities, or by injuries that threaten the health of a tooth. The custom appliance you receive can make sure your tooth is able to take on biting and chewing pressures without threatening its health. Your dental restoration can also be made to closely match your tooth structure, so you have no issues with your appearance as a result of your treatment.

How Dental Crowns Are Used During Restorative Work

Dental crowns are used to protect your tooth structure against infections, and physical damage. A full crown is placed over the entire tooth above your gum line. A partial crown is a more conservative treatment option – instead of enveloping your tooth structure, it only covers part of the tooth. Once placed, the appropriate crown will allow you to bite and chew food without any issues. You should also be fully protected against a future infection.

Can A Visible Crown Affect The Way I Look?

Modern dental crowns can be made to imitate a person’s enamel, protecting them against cosmetic worries. Your dentist can make sure that your crown closely matches the color and texture of your surrounding teeth, so there is nothing to make it stand out when you smile.

A Crown Can Be Used As A Replacement Tooth, Too!

While many people have a crown placed after chipping a tooth, after undergoing a root canal procedure, or to protect a tooth that is naturally small or weak, others have a crown placed to REPLACE a tooth. Because these restorations are durable, and so remarkably lifelike, they can do remarkably well as prosthetic pieces. A crown that is held in place with a dental implant can give you the confidence to bite and chew naturally, and the confidence to smile without worrying how you look. If you have lost a tooth, you should know that implant-based restorative care can have important benefits that will help you maintain your appearance and oral health over the years, and lower your risk for losing more teeth!

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Can Offer Quality Full And Partial Crowns

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, you can enjoy quality support from a partial or full dental crown placed on a vulnerable tooth. Our practice is committed to making sure that people in and around the Seattle, WA area are provided with expert restorative dental work whenever they might need it! To find out more about us, or to set up an appointment, you can reach Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA by calling 206-789-2555!

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