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These Behaviors Can Cause More Wear And Tear On Your Teeth

Are your teeth at risk for wear and tear? The problem may sound scary, but it is something we are all susceptible to, as the pressure on teeth every time we bite and chew food can wear them down over time. With that said, healthy teeth that receive proper preventive dental care can be easier to protect against noticeable changes to the shape of teeth caused by that frequent friction. If you want to protect your smile, make sure you keep up with good oral hygiene on a daily basis, and make sure that you continue to attend regular dental exams. Our Seattle, WA dental practice can help you protect your smile, and we can warn you if you show signs excessive wear and tear, which can suggest an issue with teeth grinding, or another behavior that can wear on your teeth.

Brushing Too Aggressively

If you want to do a great job cleaning your teeth when you brush, should you try to brush more aggressively, or just focus on reaching all areas of your smile? Your best efforts to clean your teeth should involve you taking care to reach every area, not focusing on brushing with as much force as possible. Stronger brush strokes will not help you remove any substances that can be removed through your daily routine, and it can actually speed up your rate of enamel erosion. That means if your goal is to do the “best” job brushing, too much force can actually work against you!

Unaddressed Problems With Teeth Grinding

A person who struggles with bruxism, a perpetual teeth grinding issue, can end up causing significant wear and tear on their teeth. In addition to changing their shape and hurting your smile, this pressure can lead to chips and cracks that require restorative dental work. So what can you do to stop this problem from occurring? If you notice yourself clenching your jaw, make a conscious effort to relax and separate your teeth. Your dentist can supply you with a custom oral appliance to wear at night, which stops habitual teeth grinding that can occur while you sleep.

Frequently Enjoying Acidic Foods And Drinks

If you are all about spicy foods, soft drinks, coffee, or any other acidic products, you may be weakening your enamel! The acidity of items you eat and drink can soften this protective outer layer of our teeth, making it easier for cavities to form, and easier to suffer wear and tear. Switch out acidic beverages with water, and eat a nutritious and varied diet to better protect your smile.

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Can Help You Manage Dental Wear And Tear

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, patients who want to preserve their best smile can enjoy important help dealing with dental wear and tear. If you want to learn more, or if you want to set up an appointment at our Seattle, WA dental practice, please call 206-789-2555.

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