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Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush? We Can Tell You Why!

Hopefully, you give your brushing and flossing routine all of your attention. People who are inattentive when they clean their teeth can remain unaware that they are not being as thorough as they should be, which can make them more vulnerable to dental health issues. With that said, even people who brush and floss while preoccupied with other matters can notice when they have issues with bleeding gums. If you notice that your gums often bleed when you brush, or when you floss, the problem could be tied to gingivitis. This is the initial stage of a periodontal infection. Fortunately, if the matter is resolved in time, you can return your gums to good health. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can offer ongoing preventive support for your teeth and gums, and we can recommend a scaling and root planing when you exhibit signs of gingivitis.

Recognizing The Signs Of Gingivitis

When you start to notice issues with bleeding gums, you can understandably have concerns. This is only one of several problems that are connected to poor gum health, and it can help to know the others. Have you noticed that your gums look redder than usual? Are your periodontal tissues starting to look swollen? These are both symptoms of gum disease – recognizing them can alert you to a problem that should be addressed. There is another symptom of gingivitis that can draw attention, but it may be other people who notice the problem. People with a periodontal infection can begin struggling with chronic bad breath, which is something you can be understandably eager to correct!

Providing A Scaling And Root Planing To Help Combat Gum Disease

A scaling and root planing, also known as a periodontal cleaning, is not a frequent part of your dentist’s preventive services. If you are not exhibiting any signs of periodontal trouble, the professional cleaning you receive will be limited to a cleaning of your teeth at and above your gum line. A scaling and root planing targets your teeth below your gums in order to remove bacteria that cause gingivitis. This is more than just a cleaning – your dentist also smooths these portions of your teeth in order to make future bacteria buildup less likely.

We Have Tips To Help You Maintain Better Oral Health

You can count on our practice to help you deal with periodontal disease, but you should be aware that your smile care efforts at home can also protect you! Whenever you clean your teeth, make sure you are cleaning at their bases. People who rush through brushing and flossing, and those who tend to skip flossing entirely, often leave oral bacteria behind at their gum line. This can lead to the infection that causes gingivitis! If your hygienist observes that you have plaque buildup at your gum line, you should make an effort to improve your routine – even if you are not currently noticing signs of gum disease.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Your Concerns Over Bleeding Gums

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