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Why Have I Started Grinding My Teeth While I Sleep?

Your mornings used to be pleasant, until you started waking up with jaw pain, or feelings of sensitivity in your teeth. Why are you suddenly dealing with these symptoms? People who have ongoing problems with bruxism – habitual teeth grinding – can have problems with their mornings because they have been grinding their teeth while asleep. This problem can wind up doing more than just make you uncomfortable, as you can grind your teeth so forcefully that they become damaged. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can help you deal with this problem by providing a special appliance that will keep your teeth safe while you sleep. We can also discuss different treatment options if this problem is connected to other oral health matters.

People Experience Bruxism For Different Reasons

So why did you start grinding your teeth? This problem happens to people for different reasons. It can be a response to stress, or because of unresolved bite issues. You could also be dealing with this as a symptom of TMJ dysfunction. After a review, your dentist can let you know if an oral health issue might be leading to your issues, and what can be done. For example, you might have problems connected to your bite function, which can be negatively impacted by poor dental alignment. In this situation, Invisalign aligners may be helpful.

Bruxism Can Lead To Serious Dental Problems

If you continue to grind your teeth throughout your nights, you can end up doing real damage to your teeth! The continued friction can cause wear and tear that leads to smile problems, or even significant chips and cracks. If this has already occurred, your dentist can talk to you about restoring damaged teeth with dental crowns.

Discussing Bruxism And Other Concerns At Dental Exams

How much can you really fit into a routine dental exam? The goal with preventive dental care is to help you keep your smile in the best possible health. At your routine dental checkups, you can bring up any issues that you suspect might be related to your dental well-being, including bruxism. While these visits are concerned with matters like tooth decay and gum disease, your dentist is hardly limited to these issues when it comes to helping you protect your smile!

Make An Appointment At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist To Discuss Teeth Grinding

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, our patients can look forward to dedicated oral health support! If you have been experiencing the unpleasant effects of nighttime teeth grinding, the problem can be resolved with the use of a special oral appliance that keeps your teeth safe while you sleep. If this problem is not managed properly, you can wind up experiencing chronic pain, and notable dental damage! For more information, please contact our Seattle, WA dental office by calling 206-789-2555!

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