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Alarmed By Bleeding Gums? Schedule A Dental Appointment

A problem with bleeding gums should concern you. If you notice that your gums bleed frequently when you try to clean your smile, you might be facing one of the symptoms of gingivitis. If gingivitis is not managed in time, your periodontal health can actually worsen over time, and become more difficult to address. Our Seattle, WA dental practice is ready to provide an expert oral health evaluation if you have an issue with bleeding gums. A special cleaning can remove bacteria from below your gum line, and put an end to your concerns about gingivitis. It is important to remember that whenever you suspect something might be wrong with your oral health, a dental exam can help.

Bleeding Gums Are A Sign Of Poor Periodontal Health

In addition to providing restorative dental services when you have an issue with your teeth, our practice can help you manage your periodontal health. Our general dental services include scaling and root planing procedures. During this procedure, a person’s teeth are cleaned below the gum line. When this takes place, it clears away the unwelcome microbes that attack your gums and cause issues with an infection. You can also fight this infection, known as gingivitis, by taking care of your gum line when you brush and floss. With that said, gum disease can be hard to manage if your condition worsens, so you should take advantage of routine dental appointments to make sure your smile is free of dental and periodontal troubles!

Reviewing Your Oral Health Issues With Your Dentist

At every routine checkup, your dentist is going to put in the time and effort to see what is happening with your oral health. This evaluation can lead to the discovery of more than just problems with tooth decay. You can have a problem with gum disease identified if an infection is causing problems, meaning the matter can be effectively treated. You can also receive warnings about signs of bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding. Bruxism can be addressed with a special mouth guard that keeps your teeth safe at night, so nightly teeth grinding does not lead to dental trauma.

Is A Poor Oral Hygiene Routine Creating A Risk For Gum Disease?

If you are not taking good care of your smile, and paying attention to your gum line when you brush and floss, you can have a higher risk for gum disease. Each day, you should make a point of brushing at least two times, and flossing at least one time. If you have questions about your oral care routine, or want to make improvements, let your dentist know at your next evaluation!

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Your Bleeding Gums

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are ready to help our patients take care of problems that cause bleeding gums! To make an appointment with us, please call our Seattle, WA dental office at 206-789-2555.

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