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How Much Time Should You Spend Brushing Your Teeth?

If you think about your usual brushing routine, do you think you give yourself enough time to thoroughly clean your teeth? Patients should spend at least two minutes taking care of their smile when they brush. People can fall short of this target time for several reasons. For some, the issue is simply that they are not brushing for as long as they think. For others, busy mornings or late nights can motivate them to rush through this important part of your general oral health care routine. At our Seattle, WA dental office, we can offer feedback about the condition of your smile during a routine dental exam, and offer guidance to help you do a better job of caring for your smile.

Rushing Through Brushing? You May Can Make Yourself Vulnerable To Tooth Decay

How important is it to spend time thoroughly cleaning your teeth? If you rush through your brushing sessions, you can frequently fail to give attention to areas that are easy to overlook. Because of this, these spaces can suffer a buildup of plaque, which can harden to tartar. Allowing bacteria to remain in an area for an extended period of time can lead to a higher cavity risk, which can lead the need for a dental filling or dental crown.

Other Factors That Can Impact The Effectiveness Of Your Daily Oral Care Routine

It is certainly important to spend at least two minutes brushing when you want to care for your smile. With that said, you should look at this rule as one of many to follow if you want to keep your teeth in top shape! Remember that even a great brushing routine should be accompanied by daily flossing. You should also make sure you replace your brush every three to four months in order to keep the practice effective.

Make Sure Your Oral Health Needs Are Being Fully Met By Attending Regular Dental Exams

At every routine dental health appointment, you receive several services that help you preserve your smile. The professional dental cleaning you receive helps you by keeping your enamel and gum line free of harmful plaque and tartar. The review your dentist provides will help you by keeping you informed about your overall oral health. Of course, you have neglected your oral health care routine, your visit may lead to news that you need treatment for a cavity!

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist For More Tips On Daily Dental Care

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist is ready to help individuals who are struggling with their dental health, and those who want to make sure their teeth remain healthy! During routine appointments, we can offer guidance on brushing, flossing, and other oral care concerns. We are also ready to provide you with restorative and cosmetic services that address any problems that you experience. For more information on how our practice can help you, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA at 206-789-2555.

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