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Why Are My Gums Bleeding When I Brush And Floss?

While you may prefer not to think about a problem like bleeding gums, it is important that you respond if you begin to notice bleeding when you brush and floss. If you begin to notice that your gums bleed or feel sensitive when you clean your teeth, you could be dealing with gingivitis. If a periodontal infection forms, and worsens over time, periodontitis can become a concern. When this happens, you can find it difficult to protect your smile from tissue loss that leads to tooth loss. Periodontitis can also make it more difficult for a person to manage their well-being! Our Seattle, WA dental office offers a more involved cleaning to help those individuals who show signs of having gingivitis.

An Issue With Bleeding Gums Is One Sign Of Gingivitis You Can Spot

You should pay attention to what is happening with your smile on a routine basis, and particularly when you are cleaning your teeth. Trouble with bleeding gums can be easily spotted, as well as issues with tissues that look swollen. Periodontal sensitivity and issues with bad breath can also affect you if you have an infection.

Making Sure Your Periodontal Health Is Properly Managed At Your Next Dental Checkup

At our practice, we offer a special scaling and root planing procedure to help individuals who are showing signs of gingivitis. This process involves more than just the typical dental cleaning, which stops at your gum line. During this procedure, the bacteria beneath your gums is carefully cleared away, and the surfaces of teeth are polished to make them more resistant to bacteria accumulation. By scheduling these appointments every six months, you can give your dentist many opportunities to see if you might have periodontal troubles.

Improving Your Oral Health Routine To Avoid Future Troubles With Gingivitis

You can protect your smile against gingivitis by improving your brushing and flossing habits, particularly by putting more attention towards cleaning at your gum line. Make sure you are consistent about this every time you tend to your smile, as plaque can harden to tartar and become fixed on your teeth in less time than you might anticipate. It should be noted that your extra effort to clean your smile can also make it easier for you to avoid tooth decay, so you are less likely to need a dental crown or dental filling in the future.

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Can Help You Deal With Bleeding Gums!

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are prepared to help people who are concerned that their gums bleed easily. We can offer a special periodontal treatment in addition to the typical dental cleaning that our patients enjoy in order to fight the bacteria causing your gingivitis. For more information, or to make an appointment at our Seattle, WA dental office, please call 206-789-2555.

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