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3 Brushing Behaviors That Help You Better Protect Your Teeth

If you are taking the time to brush, it seems reasonable to assume that you would like to protect yourself from smile threats like tooth decay and gum disease. With that in mind, your goal should be to make your teeth cleaning efforts as effective as possible, right? People who consistently brush their teeth are sometimes surprised to learn that they need treatment for a cavity. What they are overlooking is the fact that some smile care routines are less effective than others – if you are not keeping up with good habits, it can make you more vulnerable to problems than you might realize. If you have questions about smile care, our Seattle, WA dental office can answer your questions during a routine dental exam!

1. Make Sure You Replace An Old Toothbrush At The Right Time

You should only hold onto a toothbrush for approximately three months. As you continue to clean your teeth, the bristles on a brush are experiencing effects from friction that gradually wear them down. At a certain point, they reach a stage where they are not providing the thorough cleaning that you might believe you are enjoying.

2. Spend At Least Two Minutes Brushing

How much time do you give yourself to brush effectively? People who rush through cleaning their teeth are more likely to need dental fillings or dental crowns during future visits because they consistently miss the same harder-to-reach areas. If this is something you are guilty of, you should start timing yourself to make sure you spend at least two minutes brushing. It is important to focus on your reach in this time, not the force you use to clean your teeth. Brushing more comprehensively allows you to reach every area of your teeth. Brushing with more force offers limited benefits, and it can speed up your rate of enamel erosion.

3. Take Care Of Your Teeth At Your Gum Line

Every area of your smile deserves constant attention. With that said, if you want to make sure you are protected against gum disease, pay careful attention to your gum line. Cleaning at the base of teeth removes those bacteria that cause gingivitis, which can lead to bleeding gums, swelling, and other concerns. If gingivitis is not managed in time, your condition can progress, and become more difficult to manage.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Better Brushing Habits, And Better Smile Care

At our Seattle, WA dental office, patients can count on dedicated smile care during every appointment! In addition to providing a routine dental cleaning and examination, we can offer guidance on better smile care at home. With this guidance, you can maintain a cleaner and healthier smile! For more information, please call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist today at 206-789-2555.

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