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Revitalize Your Smile By Addressing Dental Wear And Tear

If you have lost confidence in your smile over time, or feel that your teeth are starting to look worn or misshapen, our Seattle, WA dental office can help! Many people start to feel dissatisfied by their appearance because wear and tear hurts the way they look. Your smile may seem less symmetrical, or you may fear that your teeth are making you look older than you are. After an initial evaluation, we can recommend a cosmetic dental treatment that gives you back your confidence in the way you look. We can also talk to you about dealing with bruxism, a habit of nightly teeth grinding that can speed up your issues with wear and tear.

Too Much Wear And Tear On Teeth Can Lead To Noticeable Cosmetic Flaws

While minor wear and tear can be natural, and difficult to even notice, you can have more trouble hiding the effect that significant wear and tear might have on your appearance. If you find yourself dwelling on teeth that appear dull, or worry that certain teeth appear unhealthy, wear and tear could be the cause. Even if your teeth remain healthy, you can be understandably bothered by how much your appearance has changed, and ready to do something about it.

Restoring The Look Of Your Smile Through Cosmetic Care

When a patient comes to us with concerns about dental wear and tear, we can respond with cosmetic services that can lead to big changes with minimal work on their tooth structure. During cosmetic bonding and contouring procedures, teeth can be carefully reshaped, and then restored with the application of a resin material that can hide damages, and improve the shape and color of your enamel. This process does not require the use of permanent restorations, which can mean less change to your tooth structure, and a shorter treatment time. Treatment relying on porcelain veneers may take longer, as your teeth are affixed with personalized porcelain shells to hide damages. Veneers are popular because they provide remarkable durability, and they can give you amazing smile improvements!

Protecting Yourself Against Further Dental Wear And Tear

If you want to preserve your smile, and limit the effects of wear and tear, make sure you are taking care of your teeth. Every routine dental exam provides important care, and can help you avoid potential problems with tooth decay. You can also better protect yourself through smart care at home – make sure your toothpaste includes fluoride, as this mineral encourages enamel regrowth when minor damages occur.

One issue that can certainly speed up wear and tear is bruxism. If you wake up with teeth that hurt, or feel sensitive, what you are experiencing could be the consequence of grinding or jaw clenching while you were asleep. We can protect you from this problem by supplying you with a custom night guard.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Dealing With Dental Wear And Tear

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, patients who are bothered by noticeable wear and tear can be excited to learn about their treatment options! If you want to restore the look of your smile, find our more by calling our Seattle, WA dental practice at 206-789-2555.

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