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Wearing A Custom Night Guard To Prevent Damage From Bruxism

Why has dental pain become part of your typical morning? For many people, teeth that are painful or sensitive when they wake because they have been grinding or clenching their jaw during rest. This problem, known as bruxism, can do potentially severe damage to your enamel over time. After enough time passes, you may notice that your smile looks less attractive because of dental wear and tear. Eventually, the pressure created when you grind your teeth can actually lead to chips and cracks that will require restorative dental work! Let our Seattle, WA dental practice know if you think you have a problem with bruxism. We can provide a custom night guard that keeps your smile in good condition, and effectively relieves you from worrying about potential teeth damage while you sleep!

How Much Damage Can Bruxism Do To A Person’s Smile?

When an individual bites down, they can create a remarkable amount of pressure. When that pressure is being placed on your teeth throughout the night, it can lead to enamel wear and tear, or even chips and cracks in your teeth! It can also cause stress on your jaw joints and muscles that leave you feeling pain on a regular basis. If you do not respond to the symptoms of bruxism in time, this issue can become a serious problem for your smile and oral health.

We Work With Patients To Provide Custom Night Guards

When patients come to us for help with bruxism, we make sure they receive a custom guard that can keep their smile safe each night. The right fit is important – if your appliance is uncomfortable or not secure, it can be less effective at keeping your smile protected. Wearing your custom guard each night helps you protect your smile from damage, and it can help you avoid problems with pressure on your jaw joints.

Restoring Teeth Damaged By Bruxism

If you have already noticed a change in your appearance after developing an issue with bruxism, we can help. We are ready to work with individuals who feel that wear and tear has hurt their appearance. Through cosmetic dental services it is possible to hide these minor damages, and even cover cracks and chips. If you are not comfortable biting and chewing with certain teeth because of damage, it may take dental crowns to fully restore your smile and oral health.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Dealing With Bruxism

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we want our patients to understand that without proper care, bruxism can become a serious problem. We can recommend an appliance to keep your smile safe at night, and we can offer important dental health and cosmetic services to correct any damages that have already occurred. For more information, or to make your appointment, you can reach our Seattle, WA dental practice today by calling 206-789-2555.

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