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My Gums Bleed When I Brush And Floss – What Should I Do?

The sight of blood after brushing and flossing can certainly be unwelcome. In addition to being visually upsetting, it can suggest that something is wrong with your oral health. People who have problems with their periodontal health often experience issues with bleeding when they clean their teeth. You should know that what you are seeing is a symptom of gingivitis. Fortunately, gingivitis can be addressed and restored through proper care, so your gums can be spared any long-term issues. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we provide a special scaling and root planing procedure to remove the bacteria causing your issues with gingivitis. We should point out that when a periodontal infection is not addressed in time it can worsen, and it can become harder to manage the matter.

Recognizing The Signs That Gingivitis Is Affecting Your Oral Health

When you notice bleeding after brushing and flossing, what you are seeing is a sign of gingivitis. This is not the only symptom of this infection, but it is one that can be hard to ignore. There are other problems that you can identify, like swollen or reddened tissues, that you can bring up with your dentist. Over time, an infection can also lead to your gum line receding, which can have a negative effect on your appearance.

Responding To Gum Disease

If signs of gum disease are observed during your routine appointment, your dentist can respond by recommending a scaling and root planing. This is a type of dental cleaning that directly addressed bacteria beneath your gum line, removing the harmful agents that are causing problems for your gums. Performing this helps with a current infection, and it can make it more difficult for bacteria to gather after because the surfaces of your teeth will be polished. Just as a routine dental cleaning can help you avoid problems that require restorative dental work, a scaling and root planing can ensure you are safe from potentially serious problems like periodontitis.

Strategies For Better Long-Term Gum Disease Prevention

If you want to continue to protect your gums after a scaling and root planing, think about your current approach to brushing and flossing, and how you can do a better job cleaning at your gum line. Make sure you always spend time cleaning at the base of your teeth when you tend to your smile. Doing so can clear away the harmful microbes that might move beneath your gum line, and cause infections.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist If You Are Worried About Bleeding Gums

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we want patients to know that they can count on us to protect them from dental and periodontal threats! If you are exhibiting symptoms of gingivitis, we can respond with a scaling and root planing to put a stop to the matter, and restore the health of your gums. To find out more, call our Seattle, WA dental practice at 206-789-2555.

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