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Do I Really Need A Dental Exam If My Smile Feels Healthy?

When you have a persistent toothache, or have issues like bleeding or swelling affecting your gums, you can be more than ready to make an appointment with your Seattle, WA dentist’s office. So how likely are you to make an appointment for a routine dental exam when you feel that nothing is wrong with your smile? Regular checkups offer benefits to you even if you feel confident that you have no active oral health troubles. Your expert teeth cleaning can remove threats that affect your potential for dental issues in the future, and your examination can reveal concerns you were not aware of before you came in for care.

Consistent Dental Exams Offer Important Long-Term Benefits

If you want to maintain a healthy smile through the years, you should think about routine preventive care as part of your personal plan for fighting cavities and gingivitis. While your daily oral care routine is certainly important, there are limits to how much you can do for yourself when brushing and flossing. For example, tartar buildup is not something you can remove on your own, so your hygienist will have to remove deposits. You should also be aware that issues with tooth decay can go unnoticed when they first form. If you wait to see your dentist when you have a toothache, the problem can be serious enough to potentially require a root canal procedure and a dental crown!

Teeth Cleanings Remove Harmful Tartar From Your Teeth

Your hygienist will take the time to remove any harmful deposits of plaque, tartar, and food debris that might be found on or between your teeth. At home, you can use your toothbrush and floss to clear away plaque and food debris, but tartar buildup is a different matter. When plaque hardens and becomes tartar, your daily efforts can be ineffective for protecting your smile.

For patients who show signs of gingivitis, a scaling and root planing can be recommended. This procedure goes beyond the level of care a typical cleaning provides, as the spaces below your gums will be treated. Cleaning bacteria found in these areas can reverse your problems with gum disease and stop the problem from worsening.

You May Not Realize When A Cavity Has Formed

Can you really be unaware of a cavity’s development? While decay can eventually become difficult to ignore, you can initially be unaware when restorative dental work is necessary. If your dentist identifies a cavity during your visit, there can be enough time to address it with a dental filling before it worsens.

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