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What To Expect When A Problem Tooth Needs To Be Extracted

A tooth extraction is only recommended when a situation is serious enough to make no other treatments for your tooth viable. In other words, if there is no way to save a tooth in poor condition, its removal may be the only option left to stop it from causing continued problems for your oral health. In a situation where your Seattle, WA dentist recommends extraction, we can work out plans to safely remove an unhealthy tooth before moving on to discuss prosthetic dental work. Even if your full set of teeth cannot be preserved, the right dental prosthetic can ensure that your smile remains complete!

Why Is It Sometimes Necessary To Extract A Tooth?

If a tooth is badly damaged, or affected by advanced decay, there is a risk for bacteria to travel through it and cause infections in different parts of your body. By removing the tooth, we can stop this problem from occurring. While extraction is something we prefer to avoid, taking care of a seriously unhealthy tooth can be better than leaving you vulnerable to the consequences of going untreated.

In the case of your wisdom teeth, extraction is not a last resort for poor health, but a means of stopping these teeth from hurting their neighbors. These teeth, also known as your third molars, can cause crowding that affects your smile alignment, and may even do harm to the teeth next to them. With an extraction performed, we can stop impacted wisdom teeth from causing problems for your smile.

Scheduling Restorative Work That Includes The Removal Of A Problem Tooth

Your dentist will take care to make your extraction as comfortable and safe as possible, and will work to minimize your discomfort. In addition to planning your extraction, we will take the time to review your options for restorative dental work involving a dental prosthetic. We can arrange to have your smile restored with a custom dental bridge to replace what was lost.

Keeping Up With Your Oral Health Needs After Advanced Restorative Work

If you want to avoid future troubles with your smile, make sure you keep up with regular checkups! At every routine dental exam, problems with dental damage and decay can be identified and treated before an extraction is needed. Thanks to this, you can look forward to maintaining a healthy natural smile.

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Can Extract And Replace Your Problem Tooth

At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, patients who are concerned about poor dental health can come to us for support. Hopefully, there will still be time to save a tooth in bad shape – if an extraction is necessary, we can arrange it as well as make plans to replace the tooth you lose. To find out more, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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