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We Can Take Patients In Need Of Emergency Dental Work

Some problems call for attention from your dentist as soon as possible. In a situation where you have a painful toothache, or in a scenario where a physical injury has damaged teeth, emergency dental work can be appropriate. How likely are you to receive prompt attention from your dentist if you need treatment in an emergency? At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we are able to respond quickly when a situation calls for prompt care. In these situations, we can even make same-day appointments available! This allows us to act quickly when something is seriously wrong with your oral health.

Some Problems Can Demand Urgent Attention

 There are certain circumstances where it may be necessary for you to see your dentist as soon as possible. If your tooth is badly chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken, if its placement in your mouth is no longer secure, or if you have a worrying amount of pain, emergency care can be recommended. Responding quickly to a problem means that you spend less time in pain, and that you can minimize your time with an injury that affects your bite function. It also improves your chances of saving a tooth that is at risk for being lost.

What To Expect During An Emergency Or Same-Day Appointment

Our first concern when you have a dental emergency is addressing your discomfort, and the health of the tooth that concerns you. In many situations, it will be necessary to address internal problems via a root canal procedure. Once this is done, we can work out a plan to provide a lasting dental restoration for your tooth.

Unfortunately, there are some dental problems that do not make the recovery of a damaged tooth possible. If there is not a way to save your tooth, we can make arrangements to replace it through prosthetic dental treatment.

Can I Expect Emergency Dental Work To Help My Smile?

Even if you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, we can work with you on restoring your smile. For teeth that can be saved, it may be necessary to secure them with dental crowns. If a tooth is lost, or if the tooth must be extracted, we can make plans to provide a dental bridge to close a gap the loss leaves behind.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Can Help You During A Dental Emergency

At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we understand that some problems call for attention as soon as possible. In these situations, we are available to provide emergency dental work. Through treatment, we can make sure your smile needs and your oral health are ultimately addressed. To find out more about how we can help you in an emergency, or to learn more about our general dental services, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist today at 206-789-2555.

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