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Help Your Kids Develop Good Oral Hygiene Routines

Proper parenting involves more than just directly addressing a child’s needs – you also have to figure out how to teach kids to care for themselves. Once your child is old enough, they can start to attend pediatric dental exams that keep you informed about the health and development of their smile. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office provides all-ages dental care, so we are ready to help parents and kids manage their dental health. In between these visits, you should be working with your kids to help them develop an effective oral hygiene routine. With the right encouragement, kids can pick up smart habits that help them avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Put A Timer In Their Bathroom To Use While Brushing

What does a timer have to do with developing a good brushing technique? People often mistake a good brushing routine with one that emphasizes aggressive brushing. What you should emphasize to your kids is thoroughness. Set a timer for two minutes, and encourage them to spend all of that time cleaning their smile. Doing this can help them gain a feel for an effective brushing session, which can prevent a tendency to rush that leads to plaque and tartar accumulation.

Show Off Your Own Brushing And Flossing Skills

You can serve as a good role model to your kids when you showcase your own brushing and flossing skills. When kids first start to take care of their teeth on their own, make oral hygiene a family matter so that they can see you take care of your smile and copy you. Are you worried that you could stand to improve your own routine? Bring this up with your dentist at your next routine dental checkup!

Schedule Routine Dental Checkups For Everyone In Your Family

While you can give your kids great guidance on their oral health, you lack the same skills that your dentist possesses when it comes to evaluating and caring for their teeth. Regular appointments provide your kids with thorough reviews and cleanings that keep them – and you – informed about the state of their oral health. These visits are also beneficial because you receive updates about the development of their oral structures, which means you can be alerted to any problems that might require attention at a later date.

Our Seattle, WA Dentist’s Office Helps Families Maintain Their Oral Health

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are prepared to help Seattle families maintain their oral health. We can do this through regular cleanings and evaluations, and – when necessary – through restorative dental services. Between visits, you can provide important guidance for your own kids through education and oversight. To find out more, reach out to your Seattle, WA dentist at 206-789-2555.

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