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Tips You Can Use To Avoid Dental Wear And Tear

When you think about protecting your smile, your focus may be on the actions you can take to prevent cavities. It is hard to argue with the importance of cavity prevention, but it should be noted that our teeth also face risks from wear and tear over time. Sure, some wear and tear can be difficult to avoid – we put our teeth through serious friction by biting and chewing food. With that said, certain habits that further weaken your teeth can lead to visible changes that hurt the quality of your appearance. Your Seattle, WA dentist’s office can discuss the impact of wear and tear with patients as part of our commitment to helping them avoid problems that might hurt their smile.

Did You Know? Acidic Foods And Drinks Can Weaken Your Enamel

Avoiding sugar can help you protect your teeth from cavities, which makes a commitment to smart dieting a good strategy if you want to avoid restorative dental work. People sometimes overlook the importance of limiting their intake of acidic products when they want to preserve their healthiest smile. Foods and beverages that are more acidic can soften your enamel, making teeth more susceptible to wear and tear. Weakened enamel can also make you more prone to cavity formation, so you can wind up with more dental fillings and dental crowns over time.

Make Changes To Your Nightly Routine To Address Teeth Grinding

When you grind your teeth at night, you can cause considerable friction. To fully protect themselves, some patients can require an oral appliance to wear in order to separate their teeth while they sleep. You can also control your tendency to grind your teeth by taking steps to reduce stress before bedtime, and by cutting back on alcohol and caffeine during the day.

Resist A Habit Of Chewing On Hard Surfaces

You may not remember when you started that habit of chewing on pen caps or crunching down on ice cubes with your teeth, but you should make a point of stopping it if you want to cut back on dental wear and tear. As strong as your teeth might be, they can be affected by these habits over time. People who fail to cut these habits can worry about more than just general wear and tear, as these habits can also lead to teeth being chipped or even cracked.

Our Seattle, WA Dentist’s Office Can Help Patients Maintain Healthy And Attractive Teeth

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