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Do I Have Access To Emergency Treatment From My Dentist?

When you know that your dentist is ready to take care of you during a dental emergency, a problem with a broken, loosened, or lost tooth can feel a little less scary. At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we are prepared for a situation where a patient requires treatment with little notice. Any time you experience a problem that makes urgent oral health care feel necessary, you can reach out to let us know. Responding quickly to a dental emergency is about more than just helping patients deal with pain – when you have access to treatment on short notice, the odds of saving an injured or infected tooth go up.

Bring Dental Emergencies To Your Dentist, Not An Emergency Room

If you experience an injury or develop a painful toothache, your dentist is available to provide urgent dental care. Because of this, you can arrange prompt care for an alarming or painful problem without having to visit an emergency room. Because your dentist is available for an injury, you can feel more comfortable when you undergo restorative dental work. You will be trusting your smile to someone who is already familiar with your oral health history, and someone you have developed a positive relationship with.

What To Do When You Travel To The Dentist’s Office For Urgent Care

When you reach out to explain what has happened, you can receive helpful guidance on how to protect your tooth and minimize discomfort en route to your appointment. Generally speaking, you can manage your discomfort through the following:

  • Use over the counter pain relievers to ease your pain
  • Prevent swelling and discomfort at the site of your injury with ice or a cold compress
  • Take care to avoid putting any pressure on an injured tooth
  • If your tooth feels loose, you can attempt to gently keep it secure but avoid jarring it and loosening it further
  • Clean gauze can help you control any bleeding

Your Emergency Work Can Restore Your Smile

When your dental emergency is fully treated, you can be glad to see your healthy, normal smile in the mirror. When restoring an injured tooth, we can use a cosmetic dental restoration when appropriate, but dental crowns are often needed in these situations. A dental crown completely covers a tooth, and provides functional protection to help you bite and chew more comfortably. If you lose a tooth because of injury, and it cannot be restored, we can still close the gap it leaves by providing you with a custom dental bridge.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Is Prepared To Help You If You Need Emergency Dental Work

Your Seattle, WA dentist is prepared to help you if you find yourself in need of emergency dental work. To find out more about this service, or to learn more about our practice, call Ballard Neigbhorhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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