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An Injured Tooth May Become Infected If It Is Not Treated

You may be uncomfortable with your smile if your tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged in a way that alters its appearance. The cosmetic effect of a dental injury can be concerning enough for people to prioritize restorative dental work. With that said, some injuries can affect teeth that are harder to see, and therefore less important to your appearance. Does this mean that an injury is easier to ignore, or something that should be a lower priority for you? There are several reasons to take a dental injury seriously that are not related to esthetics. You may have a difficult time biting and chewing because of your injury. You can also be vulnerable to a tooth infection, a potentially serious problem. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office takes dental emergencies seriously, and we are prepared to see you if you need urgent attention.

A Tooth Infection Can Become A Serious Oral Health Threat

After injuring your tooth, you may be vulnerable to an infection because of the harm to your enamel. When an infection occurs, it can make the tooth painful, and it may lead to visible swelling. If bacteria have entered your tooth, they can continue to spread and move through the roots to different parts of your body, which can create new problems. A tooth that has suffered too much damage from an untreated infection may be in such poor shape that your dentist must extract it.

What Can I Expect During Emergency Dental Treatment?

During an emergency dental procedure, your dentist will work out what needs to happen to address the health of your tooth, and take care of its appearance and condition. A root canal procedure allows us to remove infected or damaged tissues before your tooth’s condition worsens. After protecting your tooth in this way, we can make arrangements to place a crown on it to keep it safe. A dental crown guards a tooth against infection and also gives it support so that you can bite and chew food without discomfort.

Arranging Prosthetic Work If Your Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Prompt dental care after an injury is important, but it is not always enough to save a tooth. The sad truth is that some injuries are just too severe, and that saving a tooth is not possible. When patients find themselves in this situation, we can arrange prosthetic dental work to give them back their full smile. A dental bridge is a permanent prosthetic that is placed without oral surgery. The appliance is secured with a pair of dental crowns that are placed over the teeth around a gap in your smile. This arrangement is stable enough to support your dental function, and it can effectively restore the way you look!

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Is Prepared To Take Care Of Your Injured Tooth

At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we recognize that dental emergencies can happen, and we are prepared to address them for our patients. To find out more, please call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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