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Floss Every Day In Order To Keep Hard-To-Reach Spaces Clean

With the right toothbrush, the right toothpaste, and a good brushing routine, you can take great care of your smile. Unfortunately, you can still leave certain areas of your teeth poorly served if brushing is the only practice you perform to maintain your oral hygiene. To clean the spaces where teeth meet more effectively, you should floss at least once a day. This habit is an important one for preventing tooth decay, and also for keeping you safe against gingivitis. While your Seattle, WA dentist can provide preventive services during routine dental exams, what you do on your own to care for your smile can be vital to your defense against tooth decay and other issues.

Poor Flossing Habits Can Be More Trouble For Your Smile Than You Might Realize

If you are not flossing regularly, should you really be worried about your dental health? There are several issues to consider when it comes to flossing and your smile. One thing to realize is that the spaces between teeth offer plenty of room for oral bacteria to gather and accumulate. Ignoring bacteria and other debris in these spaces can lead to the formation of plaque and tartar. Failing to floss can also allow small bits of food to remain in place, giving those bacteria plenty of time to feed. Ultimately, an oral care routine that lacks flossing is one that leaves many parts of your smile vulnerable to decay and gum disease.

What Does A Good Flossing Routine Look Like?

Instead of flossing whenever you feel something stuck between teeth, perform this action every day. The right approach to flossing should see you move your floss string vertically – doing this enables you to remove all of the bacteria that might be present between teeth. In order to make this habit an effective measure against gum disease, you should bring the string down to your gum line.

The Link Between Flossing And Your Periodontal Health

When gingivitis forms, it can cause a change to your gum line, it can lead to persistent problems with bad breath, and it can make your tissues sensitive to bleeding. If the problem is not treated in time, your infection can worsen. At this point, you can start to suffer permanent damage to the tissues that support your teeth, increasing your risk for tooth loss. If you want to stay safe against this threat, an effective routine is one that involves care through dental exams, flossing, and effective brushing.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Can Offer Important Guidance On Smart Oral Health Habits

At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, you can enjoy access to important preventive care. We also provide effective restorative and cosmetic services when appropriate. To find out more about us and our services, please call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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