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Dental Care And Its Impact On Your Overall Health

image of a woman confident enough to show off her healthy smileWhen you brush and floss your teeth consistently, you are protecting more than just your smile – you can also work to maintain your overall health. Your oral hygiene routine fights the accumulation of oral bacteria. By keeping your mouth free of unwelcome agents, you can defend yourself against potential infections from bacteria that travel from your mouth to different parts of your body. You can also avoid complications from oral health problems that can negatively impact your quality of life. While your daily oral care routine is important, you should also take advantage of professional preventive dental services. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office can help you avoid smile troubles during every routine dental evaluation, and by performing restorative dental work whenever it is necessary.

The Importance Of Fighting Oral Bacteria

The oral bacteria that gather on teeth can cause you harm by damaging your enamel and forming cavities. They can also put you at risk by infecting your gums and causing gingivitis. Unfortunately, there is also the concern that oral bacteria will move from your mouth to different parts of your body, which increases your risk for infection in other areas. This can be particularly concerning when these microbes are already causing problems with tooth decay or gum disease.

An Untreated Cavity Can Lead To Serious Discomfort

If your dentist has the chance to evaluate your smile during a regular exam, they can determine if tooth decay is serious enough to require a dental filling. If so, it can be placed after decayed tissues are removed to effectively stop a growing cavity from causing complications. People who do not keep up with preventive visits may not realize something is wrong with their tooth until they start to feel pain from an infection. An infection occurs when bacteria have infiltrated the central chamber of your tooth thanks to more advanced decay. When this occurs, a root canal procedure is necessary. If you wait too long to schedule one, you can experience pain, swelling, and fever. You also put yourself at risk for bacteria moving through the tooth’s roots to cause problems elsewhere!

Is Gum Disease Raising Your Risk For Other Health Issues?

The bacteria that cause gingivitis can continue to spread beneath your gums, and the problem can grow serious enough to become a permanent concern. Unfortunately, there is a risk that these bacteria will spread to other areas by moving through your bloodstream. This can be more than just a nuisance – complications from periodontal disease can actually impact your heart health! A special periodontal cleaning can be performed to take care of gingivitis, or to help you manage problems with more severe gum disease.

Count On Important Oral Health Support At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist

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