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These Tips Can Help You Maintain Better Flossing Habits

Is there a way to keep your smile safe without flossing? When you consider this question, it helps to acknowledge how a toothbrush is limited in its ability to fully clean your teeth. The right brush can help remove bacteria and food debris from the grooves between the cusps of a tooth, and to help clear away harmful debris from the surfaces of those teeth located at the back of your smile. However, the bristles are less effective at reaching into the spaces where teeth meet. If you are not flossing, these spaces can experience a buildup of bacteria and food particles as time passes. When you ignore that accumulation, you become more vulnerable to issues with tooth decay as well as gum disease. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office offers support with preventive dental care by providing our patients access to regular exams and cleanings. We can also offer tips to help you make sure you are keeping your teeth clean on a daily basis.

Is There Room For Improvement In Your Current Flossing Routine?

Many people believe they have good flossing habits, but fail to acknowledge certain shortcomings that should concern them. One issue is a lack of consistency. Bacteria and food particles can gather throughout the day – if you are not flossing each day, these particles become difficult to address properly. Others will find that their habits are less effective against periodontal disease because they are not cleaning at the base of their teeth. Just as bad brushing habits can make you vulnerable to problems that demand dental fillings and dental crowns, an insufficient flossing routine can raise your risk for problems with decay as well as poor periodontal health.

The Importance Of Flossing Consistently

How long has it been since you worked a floss string between your teeth? When you do floss, do you cover all of the spaces where your teeth meet, or just those that feel as though something might be wedged in place? Bacteria can gather and form plaque in less time than you realize, and those plaque deposits can then become hardened tartar. To make sure you are not vulnerable to this, take care to floss at the end of each day.

Flossing Should Help You Fight Dental Decay And Gingivitis

If you are not moving your floss string vertically, you can make yourself more vulnerable to periodontal problems than you expect. Cleaning at the base of your teeth will be important when flossing and brushing. By doing this, you clear away harmful debris that can infect these tissues and lead to difficulties with gingivitis. Moving your floss up and down will also help you avoid cavities, as you make sure to clean every part of your enamel.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Is Ready To Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile!

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