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How Can I Find Out If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Sure, your tooth is in pain, but is the discomfort so serious that you need to see a dentist? A persistent or serious pain can point to a problem with infection, one that can worsen over time and lead to alarming consequences. It may be necessary for your dentist to perform root canal therapy to address this pain and this problem. At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we want patients to feel secure and safe during any procedure that they require. If we find that you need a root canal, we can take care to restore the health of your tooth while minimizing discomfort, and we can provide a dental crown that lets you preserve your natural, attractive smile!

What Root Canal Therapy Does To Restore A Tooth’s Health

Root canal therapy is needed whenever an internal problem develops. Internal problems can happen when a cavity has formed and is not treated with a dental filling in time. They can also occur after a tooth injury. You should make a visit to the dentist’s office a priority after an injury. Even if the tooth does not appear to be in serious jeopardy, harm to your tooth structure can make it more vulnerable to bacteria buildup and infiltration.

Scheduling Root Canal Therapy

Before determining whether or not you need root canal therapy, your dentist will need an opportunity to evaluate your tooth. During that evaluation, we can see what condition it is in, and whether internal issues have developed. If an internal problem is brought to our attention, we can perform the root canal and stop your troubles. After this work is done, we will restore your tooth with a custom dental crown. Lifelike materials can be used to make crowns that imitate your tooth structure, so you will not have to worry about treatment changing your appearance.

These Tips Can Make Avoiding Future Root Canals Easier

If you want to avoid a future root canal, make sure your next routine dental visit is booked! At these appointments, your dentist will closely evaluate your smile to see if there are any problems like tooth decay that need to be addressed. If a cavity is spotted, we can restore the tooth with a dental filling so that it does not worsen and become a problem that affects your pulp (the inner chamber of your tooth). Remember that all structural damage is permanent when you have a cavity – early treatment will limit damage and maintain more of your healthy enamel!

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

Our dentist’s office in Seattle, WA is ready to help if you believe that you may need root canal therapy. To find out more, or to set up an appointment, please contact Ballard Neighborhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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