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When An Untreated Cavity Turns Into A Tooth Infection

Even if it is caught early, a cavity will make restorative dental work necessary. With that being said, not all cavities call for the same approach to treatment. As time passes, a cavity will continue to grow, which will lead to the potential development of a tooth infection. Infections occur when bacteria start to accumulate in your pulp, the central space where a tooth’s living tissues are housed. To address an infection, your Seattle, WA dentist can perform root canal therapy. Stopping an infection puts a stop to active discomfort, and it ensures that bacteria will not have the opportunity to spread further and create more problems for your overall health.

The Importance Of Prompt Cavity Treatment

By making cavity treatment a priority, you lower your risk for complications from tooth decay that will have to be addressed as part of your care. If the problem is caught early, a dental filling can effectively restore a tooth after decayed tissues are removed. However, if a larger cavity forms, more involved treatment becomes necessary. When it is needed, your dentist will perform root canal therapy to remove bacteria from within the tooth structure and stop a problem from growing more severe. Once this is done, your tooth can receive lasting support from a dental crown!

Arranging Root Canal Therapy For Your Infected Tooth

A root canal procedure carefully removes bacteria that have built up within your tooth structure and started causing problems with pain and sensitivity. Once damaged and infected tissues are removed, your dentist can seal your pulp to prevent further issues with infection, then make plans to provide you a custom dental crown.

The Benefits Of Regular Dental Visits

At every routine dental exam, your dentist takes a close look at your smile. This review is meant to identify more than just dental decay. With that said, the early detection and treatment of cavities is important, as it results in treatment that minimizes damage to your tooth structure and makes restorative treatment more conservative. These visits also lead to early intervention for gum disease, teeth grinding, and other potential problems.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Treating Your Infected Tooth

A tooth infection is a difficult problem to ignore. In addition to causing potentially serious pain, this issue can lead to difficulties with your overall oral health and put you at risk for tooth loss! Fortunately, treatment through root canal therapy is available to stop an infection from worsening and further impacting your smile and well-being. If you have questions about root canal therapy, possible signs of dental decay, or any other concerns about your smile you feel your dentist should be aware of, call our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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