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Responding To Questions About Root Canals

You can feel less than thrilled by the news that you need dental work of any kind, but you can feel more concern upon hearing you might need root canal therapy. However, you should be aware that this is an important treatment, one that can stop a severe cavity from causing pronounced pain and putting you at risk for tooth loss! Your Seattle, WA dentist will perform a careful evaluation to determine if this kind of care is necessary. The procedure removes unhealthy tissues and bacteria from your pulp, the central chamber of your tooth. After treatment, we will put a dental crown in place to keep it safe from harm. As beneficial as it is to have root canal therapy when you need it, remember that your dentist is also here to provide preventive care so that you can avoid future problems!

When Is It Necessary To Schedule Root Canal?

A root canal can be avoided when you schedule cavity treatment before bacteria can make their way to your pulp. The pulp is the tooth’s central chamber, and the location where living tissues are housed. If too much time passes without care, this area is vulnerable to infection when you have a cavity. A treatment before this happens can be completed with more conservative care, like the placement of a dental filling. However, when there are signs of infection, we can proceed with a root canal and protect you against a potentially serious smile threat.

What Problems Can This Procedure Address?

Through your root canal treatment, your tooth can be restored so that you do not have to worry about an infection causing you more discomfort or causing you to lose your tooth. This service is also used to treat people who experience physical injuries that cause internal damage. This can be an important step in treatment to restore a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or broken.

We Can Help You Prevent Problems That Require Advanced Treatment

One important step to take if you want to avoid advanced restorative dental services is to schedule regular dental exams. Routine checkups will help you both learn about the current health of your smile and receive care that makes problems easier to prevent. The cleanings that take place during these visits will remove the harmful buildup of plaque and tartar that leave us vulnerable to cavities and gum disease.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

Through root canal therapy, we can stop a serious cavity from doing any more harm to your tooth and causing any more issues with discomfort. Our practice is here to help you when you have a serious problem, but remember that we also provide beneficial preventive services. If you would like to know more, or if you have a specific issue that you would like to address, please call our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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