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Using Crowns To Protect Vulnerable Teeth

There are times when we need to completely cover a tooth to keep it safe. After an injury or severe cavity, this kind of support can ensure that you have no complications with your oral health, and it can also preserve your smile. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office can provide secure, dependable dental crowns as part of treatment for a potentially serious dental problem. At times when we can take a more conservative approach, we can also recommend that you receive an inlay or onlay. These partial crowns still provide more coverage than a filling, but they limit the amount of overall changes that need to take place to restore your tooth.

The Importance Of Promptly Seeking Treatment For A Vulnerable Tooth

Any time you think that your tooth is in poor health, you should seek restorative dental work to make sure that the matter is fully addressed. Whether you have a problem with a physical injury or need to address a cavity, you can find that you need the protection of a dental crown to keep your tooth safe from any future issues. However, you may not require a full crown. Because we provide inlays and onlays, we can make sure you have the protection you need while still preserving more of your healthy enamel. We can also use a full crown to take the place of a lost tooth when we support it with a dental implant.

Will You Need A Partial Or Full Crown?

The choice to use a partial or full crown will be made after we evaluate you and see what kind of shape your tooth is in—because inlays and onlays make more conservative care possible, we can choose to take care of you with one of these restorations whenever possible. However, there are times when the full coverage of a dental crown is needed. Because your treatment is meant to provide years of support for your oral health and appearance, selecting the right one is important.

Placing A Dental Crown On A Dental Implant

When you have a dental crown set in place on an implant, you can enjoy both cosmetic and oral health benefits from your restored full smile. An implant-held restoration will remain secure enough to support your bite health and function, and it will stimulate your jawbone when used, which can lead to important support for the bone health.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With A Crown

By placing an attractive and durable crown, or taking effective care of your smile with an inlay or onlay, we can make sure your issues with your oral health are completely addressed while still providing the most conservative treatment option possible. If you have questions or wish to find out more, please call our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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