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Treating Damaged Enamel

The threat of tooth decay is one to take seriously. After all, once a cavity forms, you will have to undergo restorative dental work to both stop its spread and address the permanent harm that it does to your enamel. Unfortunately, decay is not the only issue to worry about. Gradual effects from wear and tear and physical injuries can impact both your appearance and oral health. Just as we can help you take on problems with cavities, our Seattle, WA dental office can help whenever you need treatment to address physical enamel damage. Depending on what state your teeth are in, we can proceed with either a cosmetic procedure or a more involved restorative treatment.

Has Damage To Your Enamel Affected Your Smile?

While our teeth are protected by strong outer layers of enamel, they are not indestructible. Eventually, years of biting and chewing can cause problems with friction that wear down teeth, changing their shape and general appearance. This friction, along with physical trauma, can affect teeth in ways that are hard to hide. Fortunately, there are services available to address the impact that this kind of problem can have on you. A cosmetic dental treatment can conservatively correct issues with tooth shape and size to make you more comfortable with the way you look. Whenever it is called for, we also have the option of restoring your smile by placing dental crowns to protect vulnerable teeth.

Planning Cosmetic Treatment To Improve The Way You Look

A cosmetic dental procedure will be able to correct problems with tooth shape and size while only making conservative modifications to your enamel. There are different treatments that can help you see the right improvements. One approach is to undergo dental bonding and contouring services to reshape teeth, address problems with their size, and even cover up visible damages. The bonding process can offer another benefit, as it can positively change the color of teeth that look dull or discolored. As an alternative, we can also recommend care with porcelain veneers. Through the use of veneers, we can resolve problems with the way you look by placing restorations that only cover the front surfaces of teeth.

Discussing Restorative Treatment To Resolve Problems With Chips And Cracks

When dental damage and wear and tear affect your oral health, it can call for more than just cosmetic work. Instead, we can recommend that you have dental crowns placed on any teeth that require more advanced support. With these custom restorations, we can make cosmetic changes while we also ensure that you have more support for your bite function.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Treatment For Damaged Enamel

Damaged enamel is not a problem to take lightly. Whether you have dental injuries or general wear and tear to address, our practice can help you. To find out more about the benefits of cosmetic and restorative work for damaged enamel, please reach out to our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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