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Reasons To Keep Up With Dental Exams

What have you done to take care of your smile today? On a typical day, you should protect yourself by brushing twice and flossing at least once, and by making smart and safe diet choices that limit sugar. With that said, not every day is a typical one for your smile. On a semiannual basis, your smile should be professionally evaluated. During these reviews, you can count on early warnings about active problems as well as thorough cleanings that lower your risk for trouble in the future. Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office is ready to help you preserve your dental and periodontal health during your regular appointments, just as we are ready to step in and help you with any active problems that require our attention.

Your Routine Dental Visits Provide Important Protection Against Cavities

The routine trips you make to your dentist’s office are important for several reasons. One is that you can have a harder time recognizing when there is a problem than you realize. While there are identifiable signs of gum disease, people often fail to recognize when they are in trouble and need help. A cavity can form without your realizing it, and it can continue to grow until it is advanced and painful, which changes how you need to approach treatment. Because we can recognize these and other issues in their early stages, we can help you before there are complications. We can also take care of you to make future threats less likely to be an issue.

Planning Your Routine Exams And Cleanings

During every routine dental checkup that you schedule, you will arrange to receive care in several ways. One is through the cleaning that your hygienist provides. A typical appointment will see your smile thoroughly cleaned above the gum line. However, when we see signs of gingivitis, we can proceed with a scaling and root planing to remove bacteria from the roots of teeth. You will also have your smile supported through a thorough review that looks out for the warning signs of cavities as well as other threats, including the potentially serious threat of oral cancer.

What To Expect When A Problem Is Identified

Any time a problem with a patient’s oral health is identified at a routine visit, we can proceed to recommend the appropriate restorative dental treatment. You can be happy to hear that by arranging cavity treatment early, you can successfully avoid problems with advanced decay that cause painful infections and make more involved services necessary.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Scheduling A Dental Exam

Through your regular dental exams and cleanings, we can help you lower your risk for the kinds of problems that can negatively impact your smile as well as your oral health. To learn more about how we can take care of you, contact our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

Cosmetic, Restorative, and General Dentistry

It is our goal to provide comprehensive dental care for your whole family. Our wide range of services means that you can see us for all of your needs — without having to visit multiple practices to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.