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Simple Tips For Oral Health With Diabetes

Diabetes Seattle WA

For those with diabetes, the broadness of the disease can sometimes be overwhelming. Since this affects the circulatory system and your smallest blood vessels in your body, there are many different ways that it can be damaging to your health. But often, we overlook its relation to oral health, to our detriment.

Around 29 million Americans have this disease, so this is knowledge that can help a rather large section of the population. And even if you are fully healthy, you probably know a diabetic. So this may help you as well! Today, your Seattle, WA dentist discusses the concerns that often come alongside the disease, as well as some ways that you might limit any future damage to your smile!

We Expel Sugars

When our blood’s glucose level is elevated, our body tries to find ways to shed the excess sugars we are carrying. Primarily, we attempt this through an increase in urination. But secondarily, our saliva is an avenue where we can pack our fluids full of things our body does not want.

In this instance, we are pushing out sugared content into the mouth. This can have the same damaging effect that poor oral hygiene and excess sugar consumption can have on your mouth. You can suffer from tooth decay due to your own saliva’s makeup while you are hyperglycemic.


By creating more fluid than we normally do, our bodies quickly burn through our water supply. Then, unable to produce new fluids, we can suffer from dry mouth. This can be very harmful to the mouth in a few different ways.

Normally, our saliva is a highly antibacterial fluid that we constantly wash upon the gums and enamel. Without this, invading bacteria have free reign in creating colonies in the recesses of our mouths. These colonies can lead to tooth decay and even loss. Approximately 20% of those teeth lost are as a direct result of diabetes, so this is a serious concern that you should not take lightly.

Gum Recession

The issues with your mouth can extend to periodontal disease, or the inflammation and infection of your gum tissue. When this matter pulls back from the tooth, it can expose the root, allowing for a serious infection which will require a root canal. It is is very important to monitor your gumline to ensure that you limit this risk.

How Can I Help?

The best thing that a diabetic patient can do to help their health is through strict control of your blood sugar. We are all human, and swings do occur, but every moment that your glucose level is within normal range is a moment that your body is operating as a healthy person would.

Beyond that, be sure to set a strict oral health routine that includes twice-daily brushing. And floss daily, before your brush. An oral rinse of your choice may be a benefit to you, as well.

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