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Sure Ways To Protect A Pregnant Smile

Expecting parents are often overwhelmed at the sheer amount of possible health concerns both to the mother and the baby. But oral health may seem like it isn’t that connected to the development of your new child. So why would you need to take special precautions with your mouth?

The stress and strain can lead to increased periodontal disease, or the inflammation and infection of your gum tissue. And all of those biological changes designed to facilitate the growth of new life? Those can lead to a weakening of your oral health defenses. Our mouths are the largest opening into the body, and even slight immune changes can lead to serious harm to your smile.

Today, your Seattle, WA dentist explains some of the steps that you can take to keep your mouth as safe as possible during this time. A little bit of extra effort can lead to a huge difference in protection!

Hormonal Shifts

The body changes radically during the period of pregnancy, primarily to facilitate the baby’s growth. Your pelvic bones even loosen and separate a bit, so that you can properly deliver naturally. While these are amazing changes, they also pose problems for some of the rest of our body.

The mother’s wellbeing is now secondary to your body, and you need to take extra steps to protect yourself. The mouth is one of these places that should not be ignored. Despite all the stress, those little additional moves can save you time and money in the long run!

Unprotected Gums

During the course of a pregnancy, an expecting mother’s risk of periodontal disease is significantly higher than normal. Your gum tissue is incredibly important to our smiles in a few different ways, so take this to heart!

These create a barrier between everything we eat or drink and the root of our teeth. When your periodontal tissue recedes, it exposes this part to bacterial growth. When the root becomes infected, the most likely scenario is a root canal. This is a serious oral surgery that severs the ties between that tooth and the circulatory system. While it is highly effective, we would like to keep that connection to the rest of the boy intact, if at all possible.

Catch It Quickly

The first step of bacterial infection of the gums is called gingivitis. You may be aware of this from oral health product advertisements, but not have ever spent time learning about what it truly entails.

This is the first phase of infection and might show symptoms such as redness or swelling at the location. If you see this, do not shy away from cleaning and discuss with your dentist.

Proper appointments are also very important at keeping you safe. Typically, an appointment will need to happen either in the second or third trimester. Stick to these, and adhere to your dentist’s instructions!

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