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Strong New Repair For Your Holiday Broken Tooth

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Christmas is over and people are heading back home and planning for the next year. It also may be time for you to seek treatment for enamel damage that occurred over the holidays. There are a few ways in which the festivities can pose a possible risk to your smile. For instance, travel can leave you more anxious in an area where you are not as comfortable. The wrong turn down a hallway can result in a cracked or broken tooth.

Dental harm may have also happened at the dinner table. We all love the cooking our family does during our get-togethers, but one errant bone in a dish could lead to lasting damage. The most important thing at this junction is how we handle the repair and the time in which it takes us to reach the dental office. At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA, we diligently restore teeth that require restabilization. Do not delay in your treatment, as your mouth is at a higher risk of serious infection without the protection of strong enamel!

Take Quick And Decisive Action

When it comes to keeping our teeth safe, proactivity and prevention are key in creating lasting stability. Life has a habit of throwing us curveballs and when they reach our smiles, effective restoration can help to ensure that there is as little disruption to your everyday activity.

The enamel is the sturdy external tissue that coats our teeth. If this matter suffers a form of physical trauma, you can lose the consistent protection that this material provides. Bacterial growth soon begins to occur within the structure of the tooth. This area is a prime location for these microorganisms to thrive. We simply do not have the ability to readily clean this area and it is not intended to be exposed to the outside world.

Dental Crowns Renew Smile Strength

One tested method of reaching a successful oral health outcome is through a dental crown. These are durable caps that connect permanently to your existing tooth material with a cement bond. As a result, this approach allows you to repair the dental material that you currently have. Taking prompt action with your broken or cracked enamel can help you maximize the amount that you keep of your own tooth.

This procedure is also helpful after a root canal. During that process, patients lose a significant portion of their existing tooth due to infection. In order to renew that location, a dental crown can bring back stability and strength.

Restore Your Smile In Seattle, WA

If you broke one or more of your teeth over the holidays, take control of the situation quickly. Time is of the essence in preventing the spread of bacterial infection. Call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA at (206)789-2555 to schedule an appointment today!

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