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Limit Your Nightly Grinding For Better Sleep

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One of the most common sleep disorders can be seriously damaging to your smile, in both its appearance as well as its lasting health. This condition is known as bruxism, and it is the overnight grinding of your teeth. The term includes any form of harmful jaw activity, and it can occur at any time. When you do this during sleep, however, it can become particularly troublesome, as you have no power to stop yourself. Instead, you could spend hours each night wearing down your enamel!

One helpful way of managing this condition is through the use of an oral appliance from Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA. This soft BPA-free guard rests comfortably between your teeth through a custom fit, so that you have a protective barrier. Discover just some of the ways that an appliance-based form of therapy can help you to protect your smile. In addition to the benefits to your enamel maintenance, this process also helps to immobilize the jaw overnight. If you struggle with temporomandibular joint disorder, an oral appliance can help your jaw to rest, allowing for a reduction in inflammation.

Do You Wake Up With A Tight Jaw Or Sore Mouth?

If you experience symptoms such as pain and tightness around your jaw when you wake up, it could be as a result of a common sleep disorder known as bruxism. This condition involves the grinding of teeth, and if it happens at night, it can cause severe damage to your enamel. Take charge of your sleep, with the use of an oral appliance for a better night of rest.

Bruxism can lead to the erosion of your enamel where your teeth collide, so avoid the progression of your flattened or stubby teeth with a slim guard. Our custom appliances are designed to protect your teeth overnight from the damage of your grinding. Appliances can also be beneficial in treating temporomandibular join disorder (TMJ) and dysfunction, as the constant activity could be placing undue stress where your jaw meets your head.

Having Trouble With Your Snoring? It Could Be A Symptom

Another prevalent sleep disorder can cause lasting health concerns, and oral appliances can help with this condition, as well. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea can mask as loud snoring, so if your loved ones have brought their concerns to you, speak with a professional. Oral appliances provide a non-surgical solution through the simple readjustment of the placement of your jaw!

Helping Your Sleep In Seattle, WA

Speak Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA at (206)789-2555 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about appliance-based therapy for your sleep disorder. For both bruxism and chronic obstructive sleep apnea, this can be a helpful solution for your condition without the use of surgery.

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