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Professional Dental Care For Kids

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Because children love nothing more than the joy of candy and other sweet treats, preventing and treating the effects of tooth decay begins at an early age. When you teach your children healthy habits that hold cavities at bay, they can maintain healthy smiles from their formative years through adolescence. By attending regular visits to the dentist when they reach the appropriate age, the importance of daily oral hygiene is reinforced while presenting an opportunity to detect any existing problems. Because our office prioritizes a comfortable experience for patients of all ages, your child’s first visits to the dentist can establish a positive attitude towards dental care for the rest of their lives.

At your Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we have years of experience serving the needs of children and their parents alike. We teach the importance of daily oral hygiene with positive reinforcement when we meet your little ones. When you establish a consistent examination schedule, your children can find comfort in the routine of regularly cleaning their teeth.

Routine Dental Examinations For Children

When your child reaches the right age, we suggest scheduling semiannual dental visits to support their oral health and education. At a child’s first appointment with the dentist, we will introduce ourselves to help them feel relaxed and comfortable at future visits. A simple, stress-free introduction can produce a familiar relationship that resolves anxiety when it is time to perform more involved cleanings. While your child’s baby teeth come in, we will assist their daily brushing and flossing habits by removing plaque and tartar deposits to prevent cavities and potential gum disease. If we discover the effects of tooth decay, we can place a dental filling to preserve the structure in the same way we protect adult teeth. At each appointment, we will have a conversation with your child to counsel them on proper brushing and flossing techniques and answer any concerns they may have about their smiles.

Additional Preventive Dental Treatments For Kids

Because children’s dentistry places a focus on preventing decay as your kids learn to protect their smiles, we offer additional treatments to support healthy teeth. We can strengthen their enamel with the provision of a custom fluoride treatment at each visit. For additional protection, we can place a physical barrier to protect against decay. Dental sealants prevent food debris from sticking to your child’s molars and can remain in place for years at a time. As your child grows, the sealant gradually wears away on its own and requires no further interaction.

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