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Secure Treatment For Your Dental Emergency

When it comes to planning for your dental care, you may primarily think about scheduling routine cleanings. After all, regularly visiting the dentist helps prevent tooth decay and provides an opportunity to inspect the health of your teeth. While this regular treatment coupled with rigorous oral hygiene at home can go a long way in preventing harm to your smile, sometimes you may require care for an unexpected injury. By learning how to recognize the symptoms of a dental emergency, you can receive swift treatment to prevent complications from compounding.

At your Seattle, WA dental practice, we offer care for all manner of emergencies in addition to your scheduled cleanings. When you visit our office for your emergency, we can help relieve pain, repair your injury, and place a restoration when needed.

Emergency Service For Your Smile When You Need It Most

Regularly visiting the dentist can help you discover threats to your oral health that would otherwise go undetected until becoming much more severe. This means that staying on top of your visitation schedule can help prevent painful situations that destroy the healthy structure of your teeth. You may be at risk of a tooth infection and not even know it. When these problems do strike, do not wait until a six-month appointment to seek care. By contacting our office as soon as possible, we can investigate the nature of your injury and provide immediate service to restore the health of your mouth.

Helping Treat Your Dental Injury And Reducing Pain

If you experience consistent pain in one of your teeth that will not go away, this could be a sign of a tooth infection. Scheduling an emergency dental visit can inspect the tooth to determine the source of your pain and prevent it from spreading. We also treat pain from physical trauma to your teeth that leaves them chipped or broken. While a surface crack or chip may seem superficial, any injury that breaks the protective seal of your enamel greatly increases your risk for cavities or infection. Timely treatment can make the difference between securing your tooth and repairing it or requiring a total extraction. Left untreated, the decay process can advance to a point where your tooth can no longer support a reparative dental crown, so do not delay!

Speak With Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Treatment For Your Dental Emergency!

Let us be your partner when it comes to providing healthy smiles! The correct approach to caring for your smile requires prompt service whenever an emergency occurs. If you would like to learn more about how we can take care of you in this or another situation, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA today at (206)789-2555!

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