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Is There A Way To Cover Up Natural Wear And Tear On Teeth?

A person will use their teeth to bite and chew food several times a day. Tougher products, acidic items, and foods that are high in sugar can be particularly demanding on your enamel. With this in mind, it can be easy to see why dental wear and tear is such a frequent issue for people. While friction on your teeth can inevitably cause some wearing of a person’s enamel, you may be alarmed at just how visible your smile changes have become. If this is the case, our Seattle, WA dental practice can help! At every routine dental exam, your dentist will check on your smile and your oral health, to ensure there are no active concerns. We can also recommend cosmetic dental treatment if you are worried about the effect wear and tear might have on the way you look.

Some Dental Wear And Tear Can Be Unavoidable

Simply put, your teeth have a tough job. Tearing, softening, and shredding food products throughout the day, and on a daily basis, will lead to unavoidable stress on your enamel. Fortunately, this material is incredibly durable, so many people can see relatively little difference in the way their teeth are shaped over time. However, there rare cases where a person might notice more significant problems, as their smile is negatively impacted by wear and tear.

Providing Cosmetic Dental Work To Address Excess Wear And Tear

If the shape of your teeth start to change over time, you may look older, and your teeth can look less healthy. If you start to worry that your appearance is starting to suffer because of wear and tear, cosmetic dental work can be arranged. When porcelain veneers are placed on teeth, they can make them look healthier and stronger, and improve their shape. These custom shells are also good for improving the color of teeth.

Bruxism Can Cause Advanced Wear And Tear To Occur

Untreated issues with bruxism can lead to serious wear and tear! This problem refers to frequent teeth grinding, particularly while a person sleeps. Your dentist can make sure that your teeth are protected by providing you with a custom appliance, worn at night, to keep your teeth safe from unconscious jaw clenching. This can protect you from serious wear and tear, as you can put a remarkable degree of stress on teeth when you grind them.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist If You Are Concerned About Dental Wear And Tear

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, you can enjoy protection from dental wear and tear caused by teeth grinding. Our practice can also provide cosmetic dental work to help you cover up unflattering wear and tear! To find out more, please call our Seattle, WA dental practice at 206-789-2555.

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