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How Concerned Should You Be About Dental Wear And Tear?

You might not realize just how much work your teeth have to do on a given day. Biting and chewing through foods can create friction that, over time, can lead to some signs of wear and tear. Will this lead to changes that affect your smile? Fortunately, the enamel material protecting our teeth is remarkably strong, so you can see limited effects from this problem. With that said, some people do start to feel that their smile looks different than it once did, as teeth seem to become misshapen due to wear and tear. At our Seattle, WA dental office, we can provide cosmetic dental work if you are bothered by the effect this wear and tear has had on your appearance. If you are noticing a sudden change in the condition of your teeth, you may be seeing the effects of bruxism – we can help you protect your teeth from this problem.

Some Dental Wear And Tear Can Occur Naturally Over Time

A person will typically have several meals and snacks in the course of the day, and some of the items they bite and chew can be relatively tough. As a result of this, some dental wear and tear can be common for many of us. Over the years, you may notice that your smile looks slightly dull because of this effect. As wear and tear leads to enamel erosion, you can also feel that the color of your smile is changing. Even if this is not a concern for your oral health, it can bother you to see how your smile has changed.

Discussing Cosmetic Treatment For Wear And Tear

We can talk to you about cosmetic dental services that help you feel better about your current smile. For many people who want to do something about wear and tear, porcelain veneers can provide great improvements. Veneers are custom-made to match your teeth. Once they are put in place, they can hide signs of wear and tear, and they can even help with the discoloration issues that stem from enamel erosion. If you have a tooth that is less capable of providing functional support because of wear and tear, your dentist may recommend a dental crown instead of a veneer. The crown can completely cover the tooth in question, which can make biting and chewing easier.

Identifying Issues With Wear And Tear Caused By Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can lead to increased wear and tear, and even chips and cracks in your teeth! During a routine dental exam, your dentist can monitor your smile for damages that may be connected to this problem, known as bruxism. To protect your teeth, you can wear a custom mouth guard while you sleep, as grinding issues can be most serious at night.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Your Issues With Dental Wear And Tear

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are ready to help patients who are bothered by visible wear and tear on their teeth! To make an appointment with us, please call our Seattle, WA dental office at 206-789-2555.

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