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Is It Normal For My Teeth To Show Signs Of Wear And Tear?

When you compare your smile today to the way it looked in previous years, you feel that it has changed. In some cases, people notice smile changes in the form of dental discoloration, which can be difficult to avoid. However, you might see something different. After so many years of consistent friction from biting and chewing, your teeth may be showing signs of wear and tear. This can be unavoidable – after all, eating is a pretty important practice. With that said, you should know that if the problem is making you self-conscious, our Seattle, WA dental office can offer cosmetic dental improvements. You should also know that the issues with wear and tear seem to develop in a relatively short time, it could be due to teeth grinding, a problem we can address.

Some Wear And Tear Can Be Hard To Avoid

Factors like your age, the natural strength of your dental enamel, and your oral health history can affect how much wear and tear you might have experienced to this date. Some changes to the shape of your teeth can be inevitable. This is particularly true for older patients, simply because they have more years of wear and tear on their teeth. Even if there is a reasonable explanation for why it is happening, you should not feel as though you are resigned to these changes. We can talk to you about cosmetic work, and examine your teeth to see if any of them might benefit from the support of a dental crown.

Wear And Tear On Short Notice Can Be A Sign Of Teeth Grinding

If your dental wear and tear seems to be occurring at a more rapid rate, you could be showing off a sign of teeth grinding, or bruxism. You may also notice something is wrong because you wake up with dental pain and sensitivity, or because of issues with TMJ disorder. Bruxism can become a serious oral health issue, as you can eventually do real harm to your teeth by grinding them. We can make sure your smile is protected by supplying a custom appliance you can wear at night, when this grinding tends to be a problem.

Using A Cosmetic Procedure To Restore The Look Of Your Smile

There are several treatment approaches we can take to improve the appearance of your teeth. Bonding and contouring work makes it possible to improve teeth that are starting to become misshapen – this work does not require a dental restoration, and can demand minimal change to your tooth structure. We can also discuss the placement of veneers. Veneers offer a more durable solution for your problem, and they can offer more lasting value. Veneers require minor work on your tooth structure, as they are placed on the front of teeth.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Dental Wear And Tear

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are prepared to help you feel fully confident in your smile! If you want to discuss your concerns about dental wear and tear, please call our Seattle, WA dental practice at 206-789-2555.

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