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Have Your Dentist Examine A Painful Or Sensitive Tooth

When you start to experience pain in a certain tooth, or when a tooth is sensitive to the point of making eating and drinking difficult, you should schedule dental treatment. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can provide a thorough evaluation to determine what is wrong before recommending the appropriate care. Dental sensitivity can have several causes, but when the problem is concentrated to a single tooth, an advanced cavity could be responsible. Dealing with the cavity is important, as the tooth’s condition will only worsen if decay is not addressed. It should be noted that professional dental care is also recommended if general dental sensitivity is becoming a concern for you.

Your Dentist Can Determine Why You Have Dental Pain Or Sensitivity

At your dentist’s office, your teeth can be carefully studied using advanced imaging technology. Digital x-rays and our intraoral camera both make a thorough review possible, so hard-to-see problems can be caught and addressed. We can also provide visual reviews to catch problems that should be treated.

What To Expect If Your Tooth Needs To Be Treated Because Of A Cavity

If you have a painful or sensitive tooth that is a persistent problem for you, it may require a root canal procedure. Root canals are used to take care of teeth that have developed internal issues. In the tooth’s center chamber, also known as its pulp, living tissues are housed. Bacteria can attack these tissues, causing discomfort and jeopardizing the tooth’s well-being. If enough time passes, those bacteria can create new troubles after passing through the roots of the tooth. Fortunately, your root canal procedure can put a total stop to these issues, and make it possible to save your tooth.

Regular Dental Exams Help You By Keeping You Informed About Developing Problems

Cavities can grow serious if they are not caught in time, and general enamel erosion can occur more rapidly when teeth are not being properly maintained. How can you protect yourself against both of these concerns? Make sure you attend regular dental checkups. When you attend these appointments, your dentist can help you maintain healthy enamel, and identify problems as they start to form. If a cavity is caught in time, no root canal procedure can be required. After removing decay, your dentist can fully restore your tooth with a dental filling!

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Issues With A Painful Or Sensitive Tooth

Dental pain and sensitivity can be symptoms of serious problems. At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, patients who experience these issues can come to us for quality care. That care includes treatment with lifelike restorations, so you can count on preserving the appearance of your smile. For more information, or to make your appointment, call our Seattle, WA dental practice at 206-789-2555.

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