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3 Situations Where A Dental Crown Can Restore Your Smile

Restorative dentistry can be necessary whenever you have a problem with a tooth. Unfortunately, when our teeth experience damage there is little they can do to recover on their own. What this means is that when your tooth experiences a cavity, or suffers physical trauma, a permanent restoration has to be placed to protect it. At our Seattle, WA dentist’s office, we are prepared to take care of teeth that are in poor health. In some cases, it is possible to protect a tooth damaged by decay with a lifelike dental filling. However, there are situations where a dental crown is needed in order to properly restore your tooth.

1. A Crown Can Take Care Of A Tooth If You Suffer A Physical Injury

Physical injuries can be serious, and they may even make emergency dental work appropriate. While it is often possible for your dentist to save an injured tooth, a restoration can be required to keep it safe. With a partial or full crown, we can restore a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken. It should be noted that if the damage is too serious, we may have to place a dental bridge or use another prosthetic appliance to help you.

2. A Dental Crown Can Be Used In Cavity Treatment

The size of a cavity determines what will have to happen in order to properly restore your tooth. If you attend regular dental exams, your dentist can identify and treat decay before the matter is serious enough to require a crown. In these instances, a dental filling can simply cover the area where decayed material had to be removed. However, if there is more damage than we can responsibly address with a filling, we can use a dental crown to provide long-term protection for your tooth.

3. A Dental Implant-Held Crown Can Replace A Missing Tooth

By supporting it with a dental implant, we can use a dental crown to take care of a patient’s incomplete smile! Implants can effectively act the way teeth roots act to hold your teeth in place. The implant itself is surgically placed into your jawbone, where it will hold the crown. This arrangement is stable enough to make it possible to bite and chew with your prosthetic restoration.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With A Crown

Your Seattle, WA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they require restorative dental work. Through the placement of a dental crown, we can restore a tooth affected by severe decay, as well as physical damage. We can even use crowns in plans to take care of an incomplete smile! To find out more, or to make an appointment, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist today at 206-789-2555.

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