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Our Practice Can Help If You Need Emergency Dental Work

Your Seattle, WA wants your smile to remain in the best possible shape. In addition to encouraging you to practice smart preventive dental care, our hope is that you never require emergency treatment for a dental problem – with that said, we DO provide emergency dental services to our patients. For a tooth that is injured, or in considerable pain, we can bring you in for care on short notice. This work can focus on restoring the health of a tooth, but we can also see to it that your bite function and smile are both restored as well. We are even prepared to help you if you need to do something about a lost tooth.

Some Problems Call For Treatment Without Delay

It may be difficult to put off treatment if your tooth is broken, dislodged, or in pain. These situations can make prompt care a priority. Fortunately, you can reach out to us and arrange restorative dental work even if the situation is not something you could have planned for in advance. Once you arrive for care, we can set out to make sure that the tooth’s health is restored, and make sure it is protected.

What Can You Expect From Emergency Dental Treatment?

People can have different needs when they schedule an emergency dental procedure. If the tooth is broken or in pain, we can provide root canal therapy before restoring the tooth with a dental crown. Root canals address internal issues with damage and infection, while a crown can provide lasting support for the tooth. If you have lost a tooth, we can determine if it is possible to put it back in place and save it. If not, we can talk with you about prosthetic dental work, which can give you back your complete smile.

Sedation Can Make Emergency Treatment More Comfortable

A dental emergency can be a decidedly uncomfortable experience. To help with your feelings of discomfort, or to help those who struggle with dental anxiety, we can provide dental sedation. Nitrous oxide can be administered to you while you undergo treatment, and its effects can wear off quickly enough for you to safely drive yourself home.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Is Here To Help If You Have A Dental Emergency

While we certainly hope you never have a need for it, Ballard Neighborhood Dentist is prepared to take care of you during a dental emergency. You can be relieved to know that your dentist is available if you need attention for a problem tooth on short notice. You can also be glad to know that treatment can focus on restoring both your general well-being and your smile! To find out more, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA at 206-789-2555.

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