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When Tooth Extraction Is A Necessary Part Of Treatment

Your Seattle, WA dentist will use the most conservative approach possible to restore your unhealthy smile. Unfortunately, some oral health problems are so serious that tooth extraction becomes unavoidable! An extraction can safely remove a tooth that is badly injured or infected to the point that it cannot be saved. Removing it has several benefits. One is that it will no longer cause you discomfort after it is removed. Another is that we can stop the potential spread of bacteria through the tooth, which can lead to more health concerns. After we extract the tooth, we can start planning prosthetic dental work to close the gap left behind and make sure your smile remains complete!

Why Teeth Sometimes Have To Be Extracted

Simply put, a tooth in poor health may simply be past the point of saving . If you ignore a cavity, bacteria can keep moving through the tooth, eventually making root canal therapy ineffective at fully restoring its health. If this happens, or if physical trauma causes serious structural damage to the tooth, the only way to move forward with preserving your smile can be to remove the tooth in question and make a plan to replace it with a dental bridge.

Arranging Treatment To Fully Restore Your Smile

At your appointment, your dentist will examine your smile and see what can be done to restore your oral health. We only recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. If the tooth is in such poor condition that we cannot save it with root canal therapy and a dental crown, we will carefully extract it. After we do this, it will no longer be able to cause problems with infection or cause you pain. From here, we can make plans to close your gap with a dental bridge. A dental bridge is constructed with a pair of dental crowns that go on each of the teeth next to your gap. After being placed, it can provide enough support to let you bite and chew without difficulty, and it can preserve your appearance by imitating the tooth that we removed.

Regular Dental Exams Help You Avoid Serious Dental Problems

You can avoid potentially serious oral health issues by scheduling regular dental exams. If your dentist has the opportunity to look at your smile closely on a semiannual basis, they can spot cavities that are newly-formed and treat them with dental fillings. That prompt care stops infection from occurring. Preventive visits also help by removing the plaque and tartar deposits that make you more likely to suffer problems with decay over time.

Your Seattle, WA Dentist Can Work With You To Fully Restore Your Smile

Our Seattle, WA dentist’s office is ready to help you if you need advanced restorative dental work. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist at 206-789-2555.

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