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Discussing Bruxism Treatment With Your Dentist

If you keep waking up with feelings of stiffness, pain, or sensitivity in your teeth and jaw, let your dentist know. These issues, along with a change in your enamel brought on by persistent friction, can serve as a warning that you are dealing with bruxism. Many people develop a tendency to grind or clench their teeth while they sleep. In time, this can lead to worsening harm that even makes restorative dental work necessary! Your Seattle, WA dentist can help you deal with this problem. The sooner you look into how you can stop this nightly issue from worsening, the sooner you can protect yourself from problems that negatively affect your smile and oral health!

Look Out For Evidence Of Nightly Teeth Grinding And Clenching

Because bruxism affects you while you sleep, it is not easy for you to know why you are waking up with jaw pain, dental sensitivity, and other aches and pains. Knowing that these issues are often linked to bruxism helps, as it clues you into why you are experiencing discomfort. You can also look out for changes in your appearance brought on by enamel erosion. One other thing to remember is that your dentist can look for evidence of bruxism during a routine dental visit. Even if you are missing the signs that this condition is affecting you, they can identify them and let you know what your treatment options may include.

Discussing Treatment To Prevent Further Problems With Bruxism

To stop you from doing any more harm to your smile by grinding and clenching your teeth, we can supply a custom oral appliance to wear while you rest. The guard keeps your teeth apart, stopping you from doing any further damage to your enamel. It also protects you by reducing the stress on your jaw joints and muscles that this unconscious habit can cause.

Resolving Problems With Dental Damage That You Have Already Experienced

Unfortunately, it may be too late for you to completely avoid dental damage linked to bruxism. We can take care of you in this situation by providing different options for restorative or cosmetic dental work. Cosmetic services are more conservative, but restorative treatments are needed when enamel damage affects your oral health.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Bruxism

The sooner you say something to your dentist about bruxism, the sooner you can make sure your smile is protected from any further damage. Ballard Neighborhood Dentist can provide a custom guard that you will wear while you sleep to stop this nighttime habit from doing any further harm to your appearance and oral health. To find out more about how we can take care of you, please call our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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