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How Is An Infected Tooth Treated?

If you have a cavity, treatment calls for both care at the site of damage to your enamel and the placement of a permanent restoration. When your cavity (or physical injury) causes problems within your tooth structure, you can require a different approach to care. In this situation, your Seattle, WA dentist can respond by performing root canal therapy. This service will remove bacteria and infected tissues from your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber. In doing so, the threat from decay is removed, which can lead to pain relief and remove the risk for further complications. After this work is done, we can take care of your tooth by sealing this area and providing a custom dental crown.

The Importance Of Properly Treating A Cavity Or Physical Injury

Any time you have a cavity or physical tooth injury, you should prioritize restorative treatment in order to prevent complications and make your tooth healthy once again. While issues are often caught and treated before there are complications, there are some circumstances where more involved care has to take place. This is because an untreated issue with a tooth’s health can lead to a painful infection. When this occurs, you will need to have the problem treated directly before complications lead to the further spread of bacteria, which can cause new issues and make an extraction of your tooth necessary.

We Can Let You Know If You Need A Root Canal Treatment

If we find that your tooth is in poor health and in need of a root canal, we will let you know about this, and we will provide information on how its health can be fully restored. In addition to providing treatment to carefully deal with an internal infection, we will take the steps needed to ensure that your tooth is supported after treatment. With a custom dental crown, we can preserve your smile as well as your dental health, which means you can smile, bite, and chew without issues.

Prevent Future Problems By Consistently Scheduling Dental Exams

Through your regular dental exams and cleanings, you receive important protection against threats to your smile. This helps with the prevention of tooth infections, and it will also give you updates about your periodontal health and other problems that can impact your overall oral health.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Treatment For An Infected Tooth

An infection that affects your tooth structure should not be taken lightly. Until it is treated, it can cause worsening discomfort, and it can put you at risk for losing your tooth! To find out how we can both address this issue and prevent it in the future, contact our Seattle, WA dentist’s office at 206-789-2555.

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