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Is It Possible To Brush Too Aggressively?

People tend to be familiar with several issues that can cause a cavity to form on a tooth. A poorly managed diet that features too much sugar can certainly be a problem. Tooth decay can also be a problem if you are inconsistent with brushing and flossing, or do not attend regular dental exams. What you might not realize is that improper brushing can also be a concern. You may be doing a poorer job of cleaning your teeth than you realize for several reasons. You could be missing certain areas on a consistent basis, or going too long without replacing a toothbrush. You can also rely too much on aggressive brushing, which can cause more friction on teeth without providing better protection against plaque and food debris. Our Seattle, WA dental practice can always offer tips if you want to make sure you have the best brushing experience.

Better Brushing Calls For More Time, Not More Force

If you brush with more force, you should be able to remove more bacteria…right? Comfortable brush strokes can be enough to remove harmful plaque, as well as food debris left behind. For tough food particles stuck between teeth, rely on your flossing routine. Brushing with more force is not necessary for removing plaque, and it will not be enough to remove tartar – for tartar removal, you will need a professional dental cleaning.

If you think you could be doing a better job of cleaning your teeth when you brush, focus on giving yourself more time. Take at least two minutes when you brush, and pay attention to see that you reach every area of your teeth as you try to clean them.

Other Oral Care Mistakes You Want To Avoid

If flossing is not part of your daily oral care routine, you are not giving the spaces between teeth the attention they require. Flossing helps you avoid cavities in hard-to-access areas. It will also make fighting periodontal problems easier, as you can do a more thorough job cleaning at your gum line. When you shop for a toothbrush and toothpaste, make sure you buy the right products. A soft bristle brush can help you limit friction that wears down your enamel. Picking toothpaste with an ADA Seal Of Approval can provide you with a more effective cleaning experience.

Your Dentist Can Update You About The State Of Your Teeth At Your Next Checkup!

If you feel unsure about your current oral care routine, bring your questions to our practice! At your next routine dental exam, you can talk about your current brushing routine, and your concerns about possible shortcomings. Because these sessions provide you with a detailed review of your smile, a chance to enjoy expert counseling on preventive dental care, and the chance to have a cavity restored with a dental filling before it grows too serious, it should be clear that routine exams have a big role to play in your smile care efforts!

Ballard Neighborhood Dentist Can Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy!

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, patients can look forward to great care during every appointment, as well as expert insights that can help them improve their daily oral hygiene efforts. To make an appointment, call our Seattle, WA practice at 206-789-2555.

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