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Deal With Bruxism Before You Experience Dental Damage!

Normally, our ability to bite down forcefully is a benefit, as it allows us to chew through tougher food sources. When you are grinding your teeth at night, your jaw power can lead to your teeth becoming chipped and cracked! If you have this issue, which is known as bruxism, you can also experience pain in your face and jaw, as well as sore, sensitive teeth. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can work with you on correcting this problem before you suffer damage. We are also ready to provide the appropriate restorative dental work if you have already had teeth become chipped or cracked.

Grinding Your Teeth At Night Can Lead To Serious Dental Damage

If you act quickly, you can enjoy protection against nightly teeth grinding before the problem becomes a serious threat to your smile and oral health. However, if you put off care, you can wind up doing harm to your smile that is hard to ignore. One of the signs of bruxism is a change in a person’s smile due to wear and tear. At this point, your teeth may be healthy, but you can be interested in cosmetic dental work to improve their appearance. If you let the problem continue, you can wind up with chipping and cracking that demands restorative dental treatment.

Wearing A Custom Guard To Keep Your Teeth Safe While You Rest

Our goal is to stop bruxism from hurting your smile, and causing you pain. For patients who are struggling with this issue, we can provide a custom night guard to wear during rest. The custom fit of the guard is important, because it can ensure that your protective appliance stays in place. With this in mind, we take detailed measurements of your bite to make sure your fit is an optimal one. The appliance is strong enough to keep your teeth apart, and relax your jaw enough to prevent discomfort.

Existing Dental Damage? We Can Help!

If you have already experienced dental damage because of bruxism, we are prepared to help you. The restorative dental services we offer include treatment with dental crowns. Our crowns are custom-sized and capable of matching the look of your enamel. They provide protection for vulnerable teeth, and they can help you once again bite and chew comfortably. Their natural appearance can also help you feel confident in your smile again after experiencing dental trauma due to teeth grinding.

Talk To Ballard Neighborhood Dentist About Your Troubles With Bruxism

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, your troubles with bruxism can be addressed with a custom appliance! Our practice is ready to provide you with the appropriate protection against this problem, just as we are ready to help you restore your smile and oral health with the appropriate care. For more information on our practice, and our services, call our Seattle, WA dental office at 206-789-2555.

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