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Is Dental Sensitivity A Sign Of Oral Health Trouble?

Your troubles with dental sensitivity can make you hesitant towards colder foods and drinks, and may make enjoying sweets difficult. While this can be inconvenient, you may be unclear on whether the matter is serious enough to warrant a trip to see your dentist. As with any potential oral health concern, you should take dental sensitivity seriously. While our teeth are protected by remarkably strong enamel, there is little they can do in their own defense when you have an active oral health issue. At our Seattle, WA dental office, we can talk with you about your concerns, and determine if you might need restorative dental care.

Is Dental Sensitivity Starting To Worry You?

Simply put, if you think your issues with dental sensitivity are warning you that something might be wrong with your oral health, you should take those worries seriously. There are several issues that can lead to your discomfort, many of which should be brought to the attention of an oral health expert. You might feel more sensitivity because your gum line has moved, and exposed vulnerable portions of your teeth. Enamel erosion can also create these problems for patients. If you have sensitivity that is localized in an individual tooth, you may be feeling the effects of a cavity, one that is potentially serious enough to require a root canal procedure.

Bringing Up Dental Sensitivity At A Dental Appointment

During a routine dental exam, your dentist wants to hear about all of your oral health concerns. You should feel comfortable addressing dental sensitivity, even if the problem feels relatively mild at the moment. Your dentist can carefully study your smile to look for any reasons you might be having problems with sensitive teeth. When trouble is identified, you can review your options. You should not feel like a problem is only worth addressing when the problem is too severe to ignore. Having oral health trouble caught early can lead to intervention before a threat to your smile has the chance to grow into something more serious.

Teeth Grinding And Dental Sensitivity

If your teeth are particularly sensitive when you wake up, and if you also experience stiffness or soreness in your jaw, you may be feeling the effects of teeth grinding. It is important to take care of this problem promptly, as it can eventually lead to severe damage to your dental enamel. We can provide you with a custom mouth guard to wear at night in order to keep your teeth protected.

Make An Appointment At Our Seattle, WA Dental Practice To Discuss Dental Sensitivity

At Ballard Neighborhood Dentist, we are ready to help individuals who are struggling with dental sensitivity. We can determine what the problem stems from before recommending an appropriate response. For more information, or to set up an appointment, please call our Seattle, WA dental office at 206-789-2555.

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