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How Cavities Harm Smiles

There are different reasons to worry about the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine. You should be concerned about tartar formation, which can hurt your health and create potentially embarrassing problems for your appearance. You should also worry about the effect that gum disease can have on your overall well-being as well as your smile. Of course, one concern people tend to be well aware of is the formation of cavities. While you can be aware that they are harmful, you may not realize just how much trouble one can cause. People who fail to arrange timely treatment can have worsening issues with their health, face risks for infection, and even experience complications that impacts their general health! Fortunately, your Seattle, WA dentist is prepared to help by fully treating a tooth impacted by decay.

A Cavity Can Do Significant Harm To Your Tooth

When enough time passes, a cavity will do significant harm to your tooth structure. After making their way through your enamel, bacteria can infiltrate your pulp and gather within, creating problems with discomfort and sensitivity. Even if the problem is caught before this happens, there will be some permanent damage to your tooth structure. To make sure that the problem is fully resolved, we will provide a cavity treatment that fully cares for your tooth and provides long-term protection with a permanent restoration.

Arranging Treatment For Decay

After confirming that a cavity has formed and needs to be addressed, we can provide the appropriate restorative dental work. If the tooth’s condition has worsened to the point where an infection has formed, you can experience serious discomfort, and you become vulnerable to losing that tooth. However, this can be avoided when the problem is caught before bacteria reach your pulp. With dental fillings and dental crowns, we are able to restore teeth that are in vulnerable condition; in either scenario, we can tend to the problem with decay while preserving your bite function, health, and smile.

We Also Help With Cavity Prevention

Remember that our preventive dental services are also available to you. By taking advantage of them, you can enjoy the benefits of early cavity detection. You can also rely on them to help with keeping your smile free of this and other problems, as the cleanings and regular reviews that are performed offer the right combination of information, feedback, and hygiene care to help you keep your smile safer over time.

Talk To Your Seattle, WA Dentist About Cavity Treatment

Through treatment to address active dental decay, we can make sure that a problem with your tooth structure is fully addressed. Whether you need to take on a significant issue or require care for a smaller cavity, we can provide the support that lets you preserve your dental health and smile. If you would like to find out more, call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA today at 206-789-2555!

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