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Cold Sensitivity Can Destroy The Holidays

Cold Seattle WA

This time of year, patients often report new feelings of discomfort in their mouths from dentin sensitivity. This can be caused by a number of different issues. Most commonly, the discussion arises from damage to or a weakening of the enamel. This is the hard external surface of our teeth, which gives us the chewing surface. Sensitivity can also arise through infection within the structure of the tooth, from decay or periodontal disease.

Whatever the cause may be, it is important to speak with a trained oral health professional about the possibility of treatment to address your feeling of discomfort. Today, your Seattle, WA dentist outlines some of the most common reasons for dentin sensitivity. Also, we will go over some ways to treat your pain until you get a chance to see us!

A Sturdy Protection

One of the toughest forms of human tissue is the enamel. This material is the external coating of the teeth, which allows us to properly chew and speak. But not only does this provide a tough chewing surface, but it also creates an antibacterial layer. In this way, it prevents the infection of the interior areas. Such areas include the root and the pulp. Without this material, we are susceptible to serious damage!

But sometimes, this material can become worn or eroded for one of many reasons. Tooth decay can eat away at this, sometimes fully through. Cracks can also lead to sharp pain from exposed nerves or infection. For these reasons, it is important to keep to a strict schedule with your oral health maintenance. Allowing bacterial growth within the mouth can lead to major concerns for your smile!

Another way that the enamel can become susceptible to erosion is from a condition known as bruxism. This refers to the grinding of teeth overnight, and it can be very damaging. It can wear away at the tops of the molars and incisors, exposing the less protected areas underneath. If you struggle with this, speak with your dentist about the possibility of a nightly-worn mouthguard to protect yourself.

Bacterial Risk

There are certain instances that can place you at a higher likelihood of developing a troublesome oral infection. One of these ways is through a condition that is known as periodontal disease. This is the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue and it affects over forty percent of the adult American population. Gum recession can expose the area between the tooth and the jaw and create a pocket that is prone to infection.

If you have found that your gums have begun to pull away from their normal location, don’t let it wait! This material does not readily regrow, so a surgical option may be the safest and most effective maneuver.

Find Your Cause Today

If you are struggling with your smile, don’t let it wait! Call Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA, today at 206-789-2555. We also proudly serve the residents of Shoreline, Edmonds, Crown Hill, Loyal Heights, and all surrounding communities.

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