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Veneers Can Give You A New Confidence

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Nearly everyone has some aspect of the appearance of their smile that they would tweak in some way. Even people with the luckiest oral health genetics still have to contend with daily wear and other environmental concerns. For most of us, however, these issues can be varied. You might have a small chip in one area of your mouth and an alignment concern in another.

It can be confusing and overwhelming to try to improve your oral health. Porcelain veneers provide a sturdy replacement of your natural enamel. These durable ceramic caps can last for decades with appropriate maintenance and are designed specifically with your smile in mind. Our Seattle, WA dental practice proudly offers this procedure as a versatile way for you to reinvigorate and strengthen your enamel. Follow along for some of the ways this procedure may help you!

How Porcelain Veneers Work

The placement of porcelain veneers onto natural enamel is a technology that first came to be a little less than a hundred years ago. During the earlier days of movies, a Hollywood dentist named Dr. Pincus worked on a film that requires special prosthetic teeth. He decided to use procelain as the medium and while it was never intended for daily wear, it left an indelible mark on the history of cosmetic dentistry.

Technology that came in the following decades helped to solidify this procedure in the use of improving smiles. Etching was developed in the late 1950s, and it allows for connecting permanent prosthetics onto the tooth. This is the abrasion of the enamel so that the new rough and bumpy surface holds cement.

The Process Is Incredibly Versatile

By adjusting and repairing the enamel, porcelain veneers can provide a benefit in a great number of ways. For your specific oral health solution, contact our office for a consultation. You might be surprised at what this procedure can achieve.

This process is routinely used in the repair of broken material, where it can even help reconstruct a tooth that is mostly missing. Our skilled ceramicists craft your new enamel replacement specifically for your smile, and this gives them a wide amount of creativity in helping you.

Shape, size, and orientation are all chosen with your mouth in mind. This allows these translucent caps to cover up many different issues simultaneously, while retaining the natural material below the gumline. Keep as much of your biological tissue as possible, while refreshing your beauty!

Strengthen Your Smile’s Future At Ballard Neighborhod Dentist

Schedule an appointment today at Ballard Neighborhood Dentist in Seattle, WA to see how porcelain veneers may be a solution to your oral health woes. Call us at (206)789-2555 for more information on how this procedure can help you have the best smile possible!

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